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Monday 29 November 2010

Epic fails I regret buying

Don’t you just hate splashing out on products only to be seriously disappointed? What’s even worse is when you’ve heard nothing but great things about the goodies so when you get round to buying them you’re completely convinced they’re gonna work wonders!

Unfortunately this happens to me all the time so I’ve included a few “fails” I’ve picked up over the last month or so. Goes without saying that some people might swear by these so please don’t take this post too personally! I definitely don’t want to offend anyone who already uses any of these; just letting you know that they didn’t work for me :)

So, in no particular order…

Lemon Aid by Benefit

A colour correcting eyelid primer? Er, not so much. It doesn’t correct anything – I’ve used this numerous times when my eyes have been a tad red (haven’t been sleeping the best recently) and regardless of how carefully I apply this all it does it add a horrid cakey layer to the skin. It also commits the cardinal primer sin by creasing. If I’m gonna pay £16.50 for a primer at the very least I expect it to last all day without creasing!!

Natural Radiance blusher by ELF

I adore the ELF range. There are sooo many amazing products for a ridiculously good price that I almost feel guilty badmouthing this one. Not guilty enough to prevent me though :) Firstly the package is crap; really stiff and hard to open. The pan is really teensy so it’s hard to get it on the brush and last of all it looks awful on the skin. I’m ghostly pale thanks to the good old Belfast weather and yet this is so unpigmented (that is so a word :p) that it barely shows up on my skin

Falsies mascara by Maybelline

Heard at least a million great things about this and disagree with pretty much every single one of them. I found this too wet, which left my lashes clumping together (great if you’re after the spider leg look) and it didn’t do anything for the length. By lunch time this was flakey and unpleasant looking. As far as drugstore mascaras go I’ll be sticking with Max Factor

Eyecon by Benefit

Why oh why do I keep buying benefit products!? Honestly I’ve tried dozens over the years and the only one to really impress me is the Her Glossiness lipgloss. Every other product has been “meh” at best. The most recent example of this is the Eyecon brightening eye cream… Basically I’ve found it to be a completely average eye moisturiser that doesn’t fade dark circles or leave my eyes looking brighter as promised. £22.50 down the drain :(

Neutrogena Wave Cleanser

You probably wont be too surprised to hear that this hasn’t made the slightest difference to my skin whatsoever. The only thing this has changed about my routine is how bloody long it takes to wash my face! The pads are so smooth that my skin doesn’t feel properly clean even after using this for at least 3 minutes – I always feel like I need to give it a quick wash with my hands afterwards

Total waste of time and money in my humble opinion :) If you’re looking for an awesome product to use with your cleanser I really recommend the little scrublets that come with the bottles of L’Oreal Perfect Clean Gel Washes. Absolutely adore these and can’t believe I lived so long without them!!

Have you tried any of these? Are you of the same opinion as me or is there anything here that you use in your regular routine?

Hope you have a fantastic week ♥

Sunday 28 November 2010

Face Candy Couture Eyeshadows

Was that not the shortest weekend in history? Honestly it feels like I only left work 5 minutes ago and I’m back in tomorrow. Grrr! I’ve been enjoying my usual Sunday evening pampering session (currently tapping away wearing a chocolate face mask and intensive conditioner)

Recently I was contacted by the lovely Shantle who created the Face Candy Couture eyeshadow range. Her company is just starting out and she asked if I would try a few products and let you know what I think so here goes…

Over the last week I’ve worn all 6 colours I received (sometimes combining 3 colours in 1 look) and I’ve got compliments every single time I’ve worn them. Gotta be a good sign, eh? :)

Carribbean Dream, Lavender Fields and Smurfette

Each pot comes with 1.2 grams of powder and the jars have a little sifter so you can shake out what you need, making them much less messy to apply than some loose powders (Yep, that means you Dazzle Dusts!)

The little sifter on each jar - very handy indeed but I removed it from the jars so you can get a good look at the colours!

The powder is extremely finely milled so it’s easy to apply and blend; even though there’s quite a lot of glitter in some of them they’re still seriously smooth. I always use a primer when before I apply loose powders and I’ve found these to be so highly pigmented that the colour comes off on my lid exactly as it looks in the pot. Dunno about you but I often find you need to apply LOADS of product in order to make the colour come off as strongly as you’d like!

Pinky Star, Harvest Moon and Copper Bliss

To be honest I haven’t found a single fault with these so far – I love everything from the cute names to the beautiful shades and I shall be ordering a few more as Christmas pressies for my makeup obsessed friends

Did I mention you can get free samples from the website?

Oh oh oh!! Nearly forgot! I'm gonna be posting a giveaway so you can win some of these fantastic shadows so keep an eye out ♥

Friday 26 November 2010

My top 5 drugstore/high-end foundations

Happy Friday everyone!! Hope your weekend has gotten off to a fantastic start. Mine has been lovely; did a little after work shopping and picked up new shoes then went to the cinema to see Unstoppable which I really enjoyed

Over the last few days I’ve started using Rimmels Perfect Match foundation and so far I absolutely love it...

Which got me thinking about all my favourite foundations - there’s a surprisingly long list! - so I’ve included my top 10 (5 drugstore and 5 high-end) below

Max Factor Second Skin
Revlon Colorstay
Rimmel Lasting Finish
Maybelline Superstay 24hr
Bourjois Healthy Mix
Chanel Pro Lumiere
Estee Lauder Double Wear
Lancome Teint Idole Ultra
MAC Mineralize Satinfinish
Christian Dior Nude

Do you have any favourites that you'd hate to live without? :)

Tip of the day: Make a hair mask for fine, frizzy hair by whisking an egg with 200g of natural yoghurt. Massage into the scalp, leave for 2-3 mins and rinse thoroughly ♥

Thursday 25 November 2010

slight addiction?

Good evening good evening good evening! Hope you’ve had a great week so far. I’m extremely pleased that the weekend is just around the corner but I’m working on Saturday which sucks!

Do you ever come across a new product and completely fall in love causing you to buy said product in numerous different colours, shades and brands until you start to think you have a slight addiction that might require a stint with a terapist? Nope? Wow, was kinda hoping I wasn’t the only one...

My current obsession is with liquid eyeliners and I just cant get enough! I’ve been using black and brown liquid liners for years now (yet my hand still insists on shaking like a paint mixer when I’m applying them. Go figure!) but it was only when I got a bright turquoise liner free in one of those No7 bonus gifts that I started to branch out colourwise

Collection 2000 liners in Fierce, Ripped and Grunge

My favourite thing about the liquid liners is that the colour is seriously intense regardless of what eyeshadow you wear underneath it. So you can go for a really dark striking purple shadow but still finish it off with a lime green liner, which wouldn’t work nearly as well with a regular pencil style liner!

GOSH liners in 10 and 17

I’ve included snaps of my current favourites and I’m very pleased to say that I adore the Collection 2000 ones (which cost an amazing £2.99 each) as much as my Urban Decay ones (which cost a bank breaking £13 each. Ouch)

Anyone else think liquid liners are the best thing since sliced bread?

Tip of the day: Mix some honey and almond flour into a thick paste to create a scummylicious face scrub. Makes a fantastic gentle exfoliator thanks to the antiseptic properties of honey and the high levels of vitamins in both products ♥

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Review - Burts Bees lip balms

Good evening all! Or should that be good morning? It’s after 2am but I can’t sleep so figured I’d pop on, do a little review then make some tea and head back to bed. Had such a lovely day off cos it was extremely lazy! Went to the cinema to see Let Me In, which wasn’t bad at all and although it’s not gonna make it into my top 10 movies list it was definitely worth watching :)

Anywho, the preposterously generous people at Burts Bees sent me some lip balms to review so I’ve been using them for about a week and figured I’d give my two cents worth

I should mention that I’m extremely fussy when it comes to lip products – ever since getting braces just over a year ago my lips have been much drier and more susceptible to becoming cracked and chapped than ever before so I need something that’s incredibly moisturising and long lasting, which is why I generally opt for Vaseline (is there anything that stuff can’t do?!)
Beeswax Lip Balm

Firstly we have the little pot of Beeswax lip balm which comes in a rather cute teensy metal tin. I read through the ingredients list before I opened it and knew there was peppermint so expected that nice menthol scent but it was much stronger and sweeter that I’d anticipated – It actually smells exactly like the centre of After Eights! It’s nice to apply and leaves my lips all tingly; thanks to the smell it takes some serious willpower not to just lick it off immediately!

I’ve been putting a layer of this on before bed and my lips have been soft and smooth in the morning. The texture is lovely because it’s slightly creamy but not too sticky or waxy so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable on the lips

Would I use this again? Definitely

Secondly we have the traditional "twist stick" balms and as I general rule I'm not too keen on this style of product. No particular reason or anything, just not my cup of Earl Grey. So I found it surprising that out of all the products the Replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil was my favourite. It’s the one that looks bright red in the pics but it actually just gives the most gorgeous subtle rosy sheen to the lips when it’s applied. I love any goodies that are really beneficial but manage to look gorgeous too!

Nourishing lip balm with mango butter
Replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil
Honey lip balm

I was wearing this yesterday morning and when Adryen leaned in to kiss me he said my lips smelled like a Push Pop. I was addicted to Push Pops when I was about 12 (they really should start selling them again!) so I thought that was quite a compliment :)

The texture is really nice because you don’t need a big thick sticky layer to feel like your lips are being moisturised! The thing that impressed me most about the balms was when I wore them to work and went to get a cup of tea at about half 11 I licked my lips expecting most of the product to have rubbed off by that time (I spend most of my day chattering away which plays havoc with any lip products) but there was still a nice slick coat of this

Would I use these again? Yep. Already bought a honey lip balm to include in my sisters Christmas pressie cos it smells scrummy

P.S. Although Burts Bees sent me these goodies to review my opinions are completely honest. I don’t like porkies (just ask my ex :p)

Joy ♥

Monday 22 November 2010

Recent haul(s)

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! I booked today off and tomorrow is my RDO because I’m working on Sat (Boooo!!) so I’m currently making the most of my 4 day weekend by doing as little as humanly possible (Hurrah!!)

So I’d promised myself I wouldn’t splash out on anything I don’t actually need but over the last couple of weeks I’ve picked up a few things that I just couldnt resist. Honestly if I could avoid Boots and Superdrug for, oooh, say... 3 months? I’d be totally loaded! (and probably really rough looking thanks to having run out of my essential cosmetics!)

Unfortunately I got some real duds on my shopping trips; haven’t mentioned them here because I’m gonna do a separate post on my recent rubbish purchases fairly soon :)

MAC Liquidlast Liners in Fuchsia and Electrolady

As you’ve probably noticed from my previous posts I don’t really use many high-end products. As far as I’m concerned if there’s an assistant at the counter to “give you a hand” then the prices are probably gonna be waay too high for me but I’ve made an exception here!

I got the Electrolady liner from the MAC website for £13.50 and totally loved it so I had a look online for the Fuchsia shade which I got from for £7.99

Garnier Fresh Essentials eye make-up remover

I usually use Lancôme Bi-Facil which I adore but at £19.50 I’ve been on the lookout for a cheaper alternative.

Garnier Soft Essentials wipes

Heard a few good things about the Garnier one and the range was on offer so I got the makeup remover and wipes for £4

Barry M lip glosses in no 5 and no 12

Best smelling lip glosses I’ve come across in AGES. The darker pink shade (no 5) smells exactly like bubblegum and the lighter shade(no 12) smells deliciously fruity – neither of the shades are nearly as bright on my lips as they look in the tubes! I generally go for pale pinks so tried these on the wrist before buying and they’re not as OTT as you’d think :)

Rimmel Perfect Match Foundation

I’d list Rimmels Lasting Finish foundation as one of my all time favourite products so I figured this had to be worth a try. Only worn it for a couple of days so haven't decided what I think of it yet!

Montagne Jeunesse face masks

I reckon these are one of the most underrated products available! Honestly the prices is incredible considering they’re such great quality. Got a few different types and I’m gonna use the Chocolate one tonight before I spend a while lying in the bath reading this months Glamour magazine

Britney Spears Circus

Now I know that being 25 I should probably have more “sophisticated” taste when it comes to perfumes but I love anything that smells really really sweet and comes in a pretty bottle. I’m shallow like that! :)

Anywho this is my favourite item of the week cos Adryen and I were in Superdrug and whilst I wandered off to have a look at the jewellery he sneaked up to the counter and bought this for me. I thought it was rather sweet because I’ve been wanting to buy this for a while but just couldnt justify it!

Apologies for not going into much detail on each item but if you want an actual review or more info on any of the products just let me know! Hope you’ve had a nice start to the week ♥

Sunday 21 November 2010

Review - The Body Shop Vitamin C goodies

Happy Sunday all! Hope you’ve had a stupendous weekend so far. Anyone manage to get any Christmas shopping done? I picked up a few odds n ends cos the shops are already starting to be too busy for my liking!

About a month ago I got the Vitamin C range from The Body Shop and mentioned that I’d do a review of the goodies once they had a chance to work their magic! So here goes...

Vitamin C Microdermabrasion

This is officially the best exfoliator I’ve bought all year and considering I’ve probably tried between 10 and 12 I reckon that’s pretty good going! I’ve been using this twice a week since the 20th of October and I’m newly impressed by it every time I do

It has a nice subtle citrus scent which is fresh and clean but not overpowering. When I felt the texture I was worried that it would be waaay to abrasive on my skin cos the little beads are incredibly small and sharp (reminds me of the No7 Microdermabrasion exfoliator) but thanks to the liquid being so rich and creamy it sloughed of all my yucky dead skin and left me feeling nourished and smooth as a babies bottom!

I love using this all over my face and neck before adding a hydrating face mask for a few mins. My skin is always glowing afterwards and the best bit is that my makeup goes on super smoothly and easily the next day

The price isn’t too bad either - £10 for 75mls and I reckon this will last for months

Eye Reviver Duo

This was a whole load of nothing. It’s supposed to revive and refresh dull skin around the eyes and for me... well, it just didn’t. One of the ends comes with a wand applicator to apply cream and the other is one of those little roller balls that seem seriously popular these days

The cream was totally average and I wouldn’t bother applying it every day because I just didn’t see any improvement. As for the roller ball – well it made me look more awake but that was only thanks to how bloody cold that little metal ball is! That’s £10 down the drain in my opinion :(

Facial Radiance Powder Mix

I’d never come across a product this like before so absolutely had to give it a try! It’s a serum that comes with a little pocket of powder in the lid of the bottle which you combine to create a 5% vitamin C concentration. I wasn’t expecting much from this because I figured it was one of those gimmicky items that never really do what they’re s’posed to so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw real improvement in my skin!

Once the powder and serum are combined this has to be used within 10 days – I used it religiously every morning and evening before applying my usual moisturiser and my skin was definitely brighter, clearer, smoother and my pores weren’t as noticeable. Not bad, eh?

As you can see there was still about half a bottle left after 10 days

My only complaint is that it costs £12 but I used less that half the product over the 10 day period. Unless you have a head the size of a beach ball I cant see anyone getting through an entire bottle of this so I wish they’d sell half the amount for £6. That way I could afford to use it every month or so!

Would I buy this again? Already have :)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your weekend ♥

Thursday 18 November 2010

bits n bobs

I promised myself I wouldn’t spend more than absolutely necessary over the next few weeks cos I’m saving some pennies for Christmas pressies. Isn’t it incredible how you can completely convince yourself that you definitely need more candles and another gorgeous cream chunky knit scarf? (£8 from Primark, at that price it’d be rude not to)

Jelly Belly Strawberry Cheesecake candle. How cute is this?!

Yankee Candles for my bedroom(Cranberry Chutney and Kiwi Berries) I adore candles cos I think they make a room feel so cosy, and the fact that these ones smell fantastic is a bonus

Oh and I wanted to mention my Eyeko lip gloss cos I’d wanted one for ages so I was all chuffed when it arrived in the post a few days ago. I’ve been wearing it non stop to see what I think because I don’t like to go by first impressions...Unless we’re talking about the girl who works in my local coffee shop that is. I called in for a hot chocolate on my way to work this morning and whilst she was heating the milk she “subtly” stuck her hand under her t shirt, scratched her armpit and then sniffed her fingers! I felt queasy all the way to work. I cant see my first impression of her changing easily :)

But on a more pleasant note I’m loving the lip gloss! It’s one of those pink-with-a-hint-of-gold-shimmer glosses so it reflects the light beautifully and looks all shiny and pretty. I love the design on the packaging and the standard squeezy tube for easy application but the actual texture is nothing to write home about. It’s sticky enough to last a while and slick enough to feel comfortable but that’s about all.

Eyeko lip gloss in Portobello - awesomely pretty pink shade methinks

All gold n shiny when it catches the light!

One of the things I like best about this gloss is that it smells scrumptious! It’s sweet and kinda reminds me of cola cubes which has gotta be a good thing!

Anywho, I’m heading to a friends tomorrow night to watch some tv and eat some seriously unhealthy but totally delicious food so I probably wont get a chance to post anything (Booooo!!) Hope you have a fantastic Friday and enjoy your weekend :)

Monday 15 November 2010

Love Hearts Goodies

Do you ever come across a product that brings out the pink-dress-wearing- glitter-loving 8 year old girl in you? It happens to me all the time, I’ll see something really bright and sparkly (and yep, completely tacky) and just have to have it! Most recently it happened when someone got me a Love Hearts set for my birthday

When I was opening said pressie I spotted the little Love Hearts logo and got embarrassingly exicted. Then I saw lip gloss...and perfume...and body lotion!! By this point I was hyperventilating and my 25 year old self was telling my increasingly excited 8 year old self to keep cool and at least try to refrain from squealing like a girl. Epic fail :)

Strawberry Dream Eau de Toilette

You probably wont be too surprised to hear that this is seriously sweet and smells of (fake) strawberries which I rather like! It lasts forever and you only need the teensiest little spritz. My kid brothers love the smell and my dad hates it – if we needed proof that this is aimed at the younger generation then I think this is it

Lip Glosses

Simple, glitterly, slightly sticky but definitely not unpleasant. Generally I wear the pink shade cos it’s subtle but still really pretty. Every time I’ve applied this in the bathroom at work someone has asked me where I got it. I had no idea people loved Love Hearts so much!

Kiss Me Body Lotion

Sometimes I cant help but put something aside for a “special occasion” which is exactly what I’ve done with this. Because I’m not using it yet I havent actually opened it to see how it smells. I’ve decided it's going to be my Christmas body lotion so I’ll be using it on the run up to the big day!

Talking of which I got my very first piece of Christmas tat of the year. It's a rubber duck with a little santa hat and a candy cane and I just think it's beyond cute. I really am 25 you know. Honest :)

Sunday 14 November 2010

Revlon nail polishes - eBay bargain!

Good evening all! Can you believe it’s Sunday already?! Totally sucks and I’m not really looking forward to work tomorrow :(

I’ve had such a lovely lazy weekend – Really enjoyed the comedy show yesterday, laughed till my sides hurt and I almost peed myself. Hurrah! Then today I went to the cinema to see Despicable Me (I know, I know but I love animated kids movies so I couldn’t help myself!) and went to my all time favourite cafe to have a bite to eat
Got a few nail polishes recently that I really love... I bought them on eBay cos I just thought the colours would be absolutely perfect for Autumn/Winter. The little bottles are très cute and although the brushes are small they’re incredibly easy to use; very important for a clumsy oaf like me!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend and enjoy your week :)

Saturday 13 November 2010

Primark beauty goodies

Ok, I have to start by saying “Brrr!!” can you believe how cold it is?! Honestly I haven’t warmed up in days – last night I actually slept with my dressing gown over my pjs. Time to dig out the electric blanket methinks :)

I’m s’posed to be getting ready to go see Reginald D Hunter (one of my all time favourite comedians!) but figured I’d have time to squeeze in a little post about a couple of beauty products I got from Primark. Hadn’t even realised they were selling cosmetics till I read a review of the primer by Aimee.
Prime of your life

I’ve only used this a couple of times and I’m seriously impressed by the quality. It’s hard to believe this only cost £3 cos I’ve paid 5 times as much for primers and liked them less! The texture is lovely and melts straight into my skin so it looks and feels smooth with no horrid residue
I’m incredibly picky when it comes to primers cos I find starting to apply my makeup on a crappy base just leads to a crappy end result so I’ll be using this with different foundations n such before I review it properly :)

Pout Perfected

Ick ick ick! This product is so rubbish I don’t even have the words; it might’ve only cost £2 but seeing how I’ll be chucking it in the bin it’s not exactly a bargain!

First thing that grabbed my attention was the packaging cos it looks awesome! It claims to be a “clever nude lip cream” and I thought that sounded really appealing cos I pictured a simple, natural, sleek finish that would just enhance my natural lip colour. No such luck

It’s got a strange velvety texture... Normally when I say velvety it’s entirely positive but in this is just feels odd and unpleasant on my lips. The colour is very similar to my natural lip colour so essentially I end up with this horrible feeling cream on my lips that doesn’t do anything to enhance them whatsoever! I'll say it again... Ick ick ick!

If you’ve tried anything from the Primark cosmetics section feel free to mention it below! I’d love to know what you think of the stuff before I go and blow my hard earned cash on anything else. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

Friday 12 November 2010

Friday shopping trip

Awesome freebie in Boots

Happy Friday everyone!! Oddly I actually have my usual Friday feeling even though I haven’t been at work all week :) I’ve definitely made the most of it; there’s been lots of reading, TV watching and dog walking. Oh and the odd shopping trip too!

Popped into town today to get a few little Christmas pressies whilst the shops are still relatively quiet. Didn’t get much for myself cos I’m watching the pennies. Boots are doing one of their free gifts when you spend more than £22 and I’ve been wanting to try their new mascara so I figured it would be fairly easy to pick up something else whilst I was there

Got this Beautifully Clear Blemish Care serum, kinda hoping it’ll do what it says on the tin!

Exceptional Definition mascara in black

This is the mascara I've been lusting after... I like the brush but I've only tried it a couple of times; love it so far but I find it's really hard to judge a mascara until I've used it for a while :)
Hope you have a fantabulous weekend! I'm off to a friends to watch a film or two... Should be a nice quiet night. Living life on the edge! :)

Thursday 11 November 2010

Epic fails that I regret buying

I don’t wanna be a big old Negative Nelly or anything but I figure you may as well hear about the products I can’t stand as well as the ones I love!

I know when it comes to beauty products you definitely can’t please everyone... there are some items that I absolutely swear by and couldn’t live without (I could of course, but well, I’d really rather not) yet my friends and sisters can’t stand them!

A prime example would be Liz Earles Superskin Concentrate. My sister got a bottle of this and loathed it so she gave it to me – this recycling system we have going on is most handy! - and I adore it. She thought it was greasy and didn’t soak into her skin whereas I though it was velvety, non-greasy and easily absorbed. Same product, totally different results :)

The following items might work brilliantly for you and I don’t want to offend anyone who already uses them! I find beauty products similar to a great book, when I recommend something to someone I always really really want them to like it as much as I do, but by the same token I know there’s no way that’s gonna happen every single time! So, in no particular order....

Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse

As you can probably tell from my previous post I’m a HUGE fan of the Maybelline range and some of their foundations totally kick ass! This one however...well, I just can’t get on board with it. Believe it or not this is my 4th pot. I’ve bought it randomly over the years since it’s release cos I keep thinking maybe I just wasn’t applying it right, or had the wrong shade etc etc. But nope, each time I’ve got it it’s been as rubbish as the last.

The worst thing is probably that it’s incredibly drying. The second worst thing is the coverage cos it’s so light and yet still manages to be uneven. Ick!

Chanel No5

I decided to treat myself to this when I got a particularly good bonus at work. I considered it a “grown up” perfume and nearly cried as I handed over £70 for a 100ml bottle. It was only after a couple of wears that I realised why I could smell old woman no matter where I went. It was me. Well my preposterously expensive perfume!

Clinique Anti-blemish Solutions foundation

There’s so many things I dislike about this it’s hard to know where to start. The texture is far too drying and for someone with a lot of spots that means dry cakey foundation clinging to said spots in a hideous manner. Not good! Oh and it caused me to break out more than usual.

Simple products

As a teenager all I used was simple stuff. There wasn’t nearly as many things available then but I always used their cleanser, toner and soap. A few months back I was particularly skint and had run out of my usual cleanser and toner so I figured I’d buy the Simple range instead cos it costs about a 10th of the price for 3 times as much product. Seemed too good to be true, and guess what? Yup, you got it!

As you can see I’m not basing this on just one item but I found everything I used to be a bit “meh” and the only thing I’d consider repurchasing is the face mask.

L'Oreal True Match foundation

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know this is a recent repurchase because I really didn’t like this foundation when I first tried it. Unfortunately I can safely say that second time around it managed to impress me even less

The finish is just so horrible! It’s cakey, clogs in my pores and looks dry. All in all I think it’s just a crap foundation and I will be avoiding it in future. Shame really cos the True Match powder is superb!

Feel free to comment about any products that you feel are totally overrated or just didn’t work for you! I love hearing about other people disasterous purchases :)