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Wednesday 21 March 2012

My top 3 drugstore creams for dry skin

Hello all :) Hope you're having a nice week so far and have been able to make the most of this awesome Spring weather. I left the house the other day without an umbrella or a coat. It seems Winter is finally behind us. Hurrah!!

Unfortunately it's still cold enough to keep my skin feeling all crinkly and dry so I've been sticking to ridiculously rich lotions and potions to keep it as moist and soft as possible

Every year I end up buying and trying loads of new products but I have a few firm favourites that I always resort to when I just need something quick and reliable and these are my top 3 from the drugstore. My skin is prone to breakouts so I'm always after something rich and moisturising that wont block my pores or over-stimulate my skin and these little beauties never fail... Nivea Soft moisturising cream for face, body and hands
£6.02 for 300ml
Leaves my skin feeling like silk from the minute this is applied
If you could smell softness it would smell like this
Eucerin replenishing face cream 5% UREA
£10.79 for 50ml
Until I discovered this cream a few years back I always assumed that moisturing meant thick and sticky. This is feather light and never fails to get rid of even the most stubborn dry patches within a day or two
Vitamin E moisturising day cream from Superdrug
£2.99 for 100ml
SPF 15
Lovely texture that is easily absorbed so I don't have to spend ages waiting for this to soak in before applying makeup
Smells like summer in a jar


Mimi said...

do you use the nivea soft for the face,or just for your body?my skin is very dry but super extra sensitive

All Made Up said...

Mimi I use it everywhere! Last night I applied it to my face before bed and then I covered my hands with a thin layer and wore little cotton gloves so they were soft this morning.

It might be worth doing a little patch test before trying it all over your face as they've added fragrance and I know that can mess with my sisters skin as she's super sensitive and suffers from psoriasis

Joy xx

Daisy said...

I love Eucerin for dry skin, it works so well! xxx

Mimi said...

thank you very much for your reply,I will test it out first,and hope it doesnt brake me out:)

Miss Jones said...

Nivea is the bomb! i suffer from freaky dry eyes when i am run down and nivea is the only thing that works! oldy but a goody xxx