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Hello all,

I'm Joy, I'm 28 and I'm here because I'm a makeup addict.

My day job doesn't allow me to play around with beauty products as much as I'd like (it's kinda frowned upon when you work in IT to be honest) so I like to come here to rave, complain or generally just ramble on about products I've tried. Of course any little pearls of wisdom I can pick up or dole out along the way are a bonus :)

If I'm not blogging I'll usually be watching too much tv, reading (as someone who isn't usually a fan of fantasy books I've found Game of Thrones completely unputdownable!) baking, doing cardio at the gym (to balance out the effects of the aforementioned baking) fighting my compulsion to buy more makeup or walking my dogs, who just happen to be the cutest most awesome dogs ever... This is their "We'll miss you during the 5 minutes it takes you to go to the shop for milk" look