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Wednesday 22 September 2010

Cheap, old fashioned but still totally awesome!

Oh what a crappy day! Ever glance at the clock in work and feel completely and utterly sure that it must be going backwards? Even a mug of tea and a Big Purple (yummiest, bestest most choctastic invention ever!) couldn’t cheer me up

Not being in the mood to do a great deal I came home, walked the pooch, had dinner with my housemate, then sat and read Company magazine with various different lotions n potions on my body. Being a girl totally rules :)

I’m sure most of you lovely people have used these masks before cos they seem to be available everywhere and are a proper bargain at just 99p! They were all the rage when I was in school and I’ve just carried on using them and they impress me more and more every time I do!

I opted for a lavender & jasmine fabric facial; lavender really grosses me out but it wasn’t too strong and the jasmine kinda made up for it. Then slapped some cellulite mud on my thighs and watermelon & balm mint scrub on my feet

I’m now feeling all squeaky clean and relaxed so I’m gonna get an early(ish) night and read a few chapters of my book :)

Tuesday 21 September 2010

The Perfect Foundation?!

Picked up a new foundation a couple of days ago and felt the need to mention it because it was one of those how-on-earth-have-I-lived-without-this-product!? moments

A girl I work with had the most awful skin until very recently. She had loads of red, angry looking spots covering most of her face most of the time and although she never ever mentioned them it was obvious that it made her pretty uncomfortable. Her skin gradually seemed to improve over the last couple of months and when she arrived in work on Monday completely blemish free and attributed it to Healthy Mix foundation by Bourjois I picked up a bottle pretty much straight away :)

As you can see from the picture I’m a girl on a mission to find the perfect foundation and have tried quite a few so it takes a lot to impress me! I’ve tried a few Bourjois foundations in the past but always found them lacking in coverage... This one is light and feels lovely on the skin but still manages to hide a multitude of sins and even out my skin tone

Don’t you just love when you come across a new product that does exactly what it says on the tin? (er, I mean bottle)

Right, I’m off to make a nice cup of tea and read a few chapters of Crazy In Love. Nighty night folks :)

Saturday 18 September 2010

Mini products and not so mini facial

Don't you just love Saturdays!? I've had the bestest laziest day ever...

Went shopping this morning cos it's my kid brothers 13th birthday tomorrow. He's just started trying to impress girls so wanted new clothes. It's so strange cos only last year I had to bribe him just to brush his teeth and hair and now he actually cares whether or not his shirt matches his shoes. Oh they grow up so fast!

Picked up a few essentials whilst I was in town - some mini produts for my yoga kit and the most seriously superb turquoise blue-ish eye liner by GOSH. I have the purple version which I find fairly easy to apply so I'm hoping this will be the same

Also went for a facial. I'm 24 and it was my first ever facial, can you believe that?! It was fab because I went off on a bit of a rant about my chin and how it wont do a bloody thing it's told (which is mostly to just stop breaking out all the time!!) and Ashleigh, the beauty therapist, gave me loads of tips and free samples. Already looking forward to my next appointment! I figure I should go for a few facials over the next month or so till my face starts behaving itself

Right, I’m off to make a fresh cup of tea because I just let my last one go cold and I need something to wash down all the Milk Tray I intend to eat :)

Friday 17 September 2010

Messiest make up collection ever

I happened to be poking around my kid sisters make up collection the other day (I like having a nosy now n then to see if she has anything worth trying out) and I couldn’t believe how messy it was

She’s only 15 and I know teenagers are notoriously untidy but it was a bloody shambles and there was even an exploded gold eye shadow pot that had coated pretty much every item

Being a bit of a neat freak I decided to buy her an actual make up case – in order to dump the hideous navy bag that she’d been hoarding her stuff in – and whilst she was at school today I organised everything and even added a few little treats; mostly Liz Earle stuff which she completely adores

Obviously I think I definitely deserve some sort of “sister of the year” award but I think I might be forced to settle for her rather sweet thank you text :)

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Seriously disappointing Umberto Giannini mask

Know what totally sucks? When you pick up something new, expect it to work wonders and are left seriously disappointed...

My hair could do with a trim but I haven’t got the time to get it done till the weekend so I figured I’d get a nice nourishing conditioner of some sort just to keep it looking and feeling good until I have all the nasty ends chopped off.

Decided to opt for something I haven’t tried before and got Umberto Gianninis Moisture Replenishing Hair Mask. It left my hair all heavy and even though I rinsed well there was still an unpleasant residue. Oh and it doesn’t smell too great either. All in all not one of my finer purchases!

All I wanted was hair like Hilary Swank! Is that really too much to ask!?!

Boots were doing 2 for £7.50 on the range so I also got the Indulgent Beauty Moisture Mask. Fingers crossed that this one actually does what it’s s’posed to!

Oh and feel free to recommend a nice conditioner or hair mask. Might save me wasting precious pennies in future :)

Tuesday 14 September 2010

Dermalogica goodies

My skin has been a complete nightmare recently! Honestly everything seems to going wrong all at once – pores are more noticeable, skin tone is uneven and I have a serious breakout on my chin. When it rains it pores, eh? :)

I’ve wanted to try the Dermalogica range for ages but as soon as I saw it would cost around £70 just for a cleanser, toner and moisturiser I figured I’d just stick with what I have!

However, seeing as how my skin hates me (and I hate it right back) I decided to take the plunge and just buy what I needed... then I came across the “skin kits” that have all the essentials in miniature and you can buy the one specific to your skin type. Totally awesome cos I can try it out without spending a fortune. Hurrah!

The skin kit arrived today along with 4 free samples so I’m seriously excited about trying it out – and yes I know how sad that sounds!

This is what’s included in the kit for normal/oily skin

- Special Cleansing Gel (50ml)
- Multi-Active Toner (50ml)
- Climate Control Lip Treatment (Full Retail Size)
- Active Moist (22ml)
- Skin Prep Scrub (22ml)

P.S. Apologies for the cat paw in the pic - Oliver just came in from the rain and wanted petted immediately!

Sunday 12 September 2010

Favourite Urban Decay Palette

I’ve noticed that everyone seems to be in love with Urban Decays Naked palette at the minute, which got me poking around and sorting through all my UD stuff to see what I have and whether or not the Naked palette would be worth adding to my collection!

I came across my Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box which my best friend got me for Christmas. It’s gotta be one of my favourite palettes because there’s such a great mix of totally perfect colours and they’re all really pigmented (as we’ve all come to expect from Urban Decay!) So even if I go weeks without using this I always come back to it

Ransom and Peace stand out and when I wear them people always comment. Shag, Scratch and Underground are natural shades that are great for every day wear but of course adding a little zero makes for a seriously smokey look. I love palettes that give me the chance to try loads of different eye looks :)

Saturday 11 September 2010

Awesome rubber scrubber thingy (and face wash)

I was in Boots the other day picking up some essentials (which I totally forgot to get – other prettier products totally conspired against me. Grr!) and spotted this Perfect Clean foaming gel wash by L’Oreal

On the front of the bottle it says “for blemish prone skin” which mine most definitely is, and it comes with a little rubber scrubber thingy. I’m easily won over by anything even slightly new and different so couldn’t resist :)

Tried it twice a day for the last few days and I dunno how I ever lived without it! When I first applied the cleanser I didn’t think it would create any sort of lather at all cos the little pad just felt rubbery but within seconds my face was all lathered up

To be honest I could take or leave the actual face wash, which really isn’t anything special but I think the little scrublet is awesome. I usually use a muslin cloth with my cleanser but this works just as well and because it’s rubber it feels far more hygienic

Eye Pencil Collection

Is there anything better than having a nosy through someone elses make up collection? Well ok, there are quite a few things, but I for one still find it really enjoyable!

I seem to have amassed quite a few pencil eye liners, kinda odd cos I mostly wear liquid liners these days.

The teeny tiny one (took a separate pic with it at the bottom) is a Lancôme kohl eye liner in black. As you can probably tell I absolutely adore this eye liner but I think it’s time I picked up a new one. You know a pencil has come to the end of it’s days when it’s too small to grip if you put it in a sharpener!

Feel free to recommend any eye liners that you can’t live without – I’d happily be tempted away from Lancôme because they’re so expensive :)

Thursday 9 September 2010

Lancome haul - hurrah for free gifts!

Decided on a little trip to Boots today because I had to pick up a bottle of Maybellines Superstay 24hr foundation – finished my bottle yesterday and it’s the only time I’ve EVER used an entire bottle of foundation. Generally I start to get that “grass is greener” feeling and end up trying something new. Which is probably why I also grabbed a bottle of Maybellines Dream Satin liquid foundation and some define-a-lash mascara (it was 3 for 2 so it would’ve been a crime not to!)

Anywho I seemed to be drawn to the Lancome counter where I picked up a bottle of Hydra Intense (hydrating gel face mask) and got an awesome free gift cos I spent over £29! The gift included a teensy bottle of the bi-facil eye make up remover which I absolutely love and rather large bottle of toner, which I also really like.

The guy at the counter was quite cute so when he asked if I’d like to come back for a free makeover I couldn’t help but say yes (shallow I know, but hey I’m off work for another week and need something to fill my days!) He booked me an appointment for tomorrow at 2.30pm and I’m hoping he’ll be able to recommend something to help get rid of – or cover – the awful breakout on my chin

Wednesday 8 September 2010

Shoes to die for

One of the best things about the interwebs has gotta be the opportunity it’s given me to pick up some awesome goodies that would generally be way out of my price range... Take these unbelievably fantastic Christian Louboutin shoes for example :)

I was browsing online last night and came across these in a sale for under £200. Still far more than I’d usually pay but I figured they look so exquisite that I could probably wear them with a bin bag and would still manage to look good (and seeing how I’m not gonna be able to afford an outfit to go with them that is just might come down to that!)

But it’s my birthday next month and of course the Christmas party season is just around the corner so I figure I will get plenty of wear out of them over the coming months. And yes, that’s me justifying the purchase to myself :p

P.S. One of the worst things about the web is waiting for newly purchased stuff to arrive!

Tuesday 7 September 2010

Favourite Lush Goodies

I had my hair chemically straightened recently (I know I know, it leaves hair all dry n damaged but if I didn’t do it I’d have hair like candyfloss) and after having it done I can’t get my hair wet for 4 days so this evening was the first time I’ve actually been completely submerged in water for approximately 107 hours – not that I’m counting or anything :)

Now because I’d had to wait so long I figured I may as well make an occasion out of it so I headed to Lush and picked up a few old favourites cos nothing beats a nice long hot bath with candles, bath bombs and the new issue of Glamour magazine.

I got a Think Pink bath bomb so seeing how I’d started down the pink n girly path I decided to just stick with it and also got Creamy Candy Bath, Sugar Babe and Curly Wurly shampoo... All of which I absolutely love but I couldn’t help noticing the solid shampoos. I’ve heard rave reviews but haven’t tried them, probably just because the whole concept seems to alien when compared to what I’m used to.

Anyone else tried the solid shampoos? Or have any other Lush favourites you couldn’t live without?