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Saturday 11 September 2010

Awesome rubber scrubber thingy (and face wash)

I was in Boots the other day picking up some essentials (which I totally forgot to get – other prettier products totally conspired against me. Grr!) and spotted this Perfect Clean foaming gel wash by L’Oreal

On the front of the bottle it says “for blemish prone skin” which mine most definitely is, and it comes with a little rubber scrubber thingy. I’m easily won over by anything even slightly new and different so couldn’t resist :)

Tried it twice a day for the last few days and I dunno how I ever lived without it! When I first applied the cleanser I didn’t think it would create any sort of lather at all cos the little pad just felt rubbery but within seconds my face was all lathered up

To be honest I could take or leave the actual face wash, which really isn’t anything special but I think the little scrublet is awesome. I usually use a muslin cloth with my cleanser but this works just as well and because it’s rubber it feels far more hygienic


Fee - Makeup Savvy said...

I have to agree...I found the face scrub just alright but really do like the scrublet.

I now only use soap on my face but also use this..and like you say it is alot more hygienic.

Fee x

All Made Up said...

I'll probably end up using the face wash cos I hate the thought of it going to waste!

I love the whole ritual of having specific tools for certain jobs when it comes to make up and beauty so the little scrublet totally appeals to me :)