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Thursday 28 July 2011

because prevention is better than cure...

Good evening all! Hope your having a wonderful week so far and are getting the same lovely weather that we've been enjoying in Belfast! I just wanted to wax lyrical about Soltan Once; an SPF30 sun cream for the face that gives 8 hours protection

I’ve always disliked applying high factor sun cream to my face because it’s generally thick, greasy pore-clogging stuff that always causes horrible breakouts on my cheeks and chin. Obviously I suffer through it cos I’d rather avoid things like sunburn, wrinkles and, you know, skin cancer…
This stuff is absolutely incredible. It’s more like a thick lotion than a yucky heavy cream and is absorbed into the skin unbelievably easily. When I know I’m gonna be spending a lot of time outside during the day I’ll apply this first thing in the morning and then once it’s completely soaked in (takes a few minutes max) I apply my makeup as usual. The best thing about this has to be that it gives up to 8 hours protection… As long as you follow the instructions properly you don’t have to worry about constantly re-applying throughout the day as you do with most sun creams

The instructions on the pack aren’t the most accurate though. They say that the bottle contains 20 applications yet it advises that each application should be one teaspoon for the face and neck. Which would mean that there are only 10 applications in the 50ml tube. When it comes to sun cream I reckon more is more so I usually apply at least a teaspoon to my face and neck; better safe than sorry and all that
This leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth so I’m more than happy to use this in place of my usual moisturiser on sunny days – the only fault I can find with it is that it can leave me a bit shiny by the end of the day. Though I definitely consider that a small price to pay for such great protection! ♥

Argan Oil - My new hair obsession

Even though I know hair is dead once it pops through the scalp and the texture, structure or number of hairs can’t be changed in any permanent way I’m constantly searching for products that will make my hair look and feel softer, smoother and shinier

I have absolutely no idea where I first heard about Argan Oil but once the name was stuck in my head I knew I had to give it a try! I read a few bits n pieces about it online and then picked up a bottle after much deliberation (it costs £12.99 per 100mls and I’m skint at the minute) I read the box in my local beauty store, then put it down and wandered around looking for the stuff I actually needed. Then went back and read the box again, just in case, I, you know, missed anything first time round… Funnily enough the box said the exact same thing but by that point I’d convinced myself that I needed it more than silly things like toothpaste and deodorant :)

The weather has been playing havoc with my hair over the last few weeks,leaving it particularly dry, frizzy and lank. I need a trim but I’m waiting for another couple of weeks because I want it to be freshly cut just before I head to Ibiza (a whole week lying on the beach reading rubbish novels. Le sigh) When I read the instructions I was a tad wary because it advises to use 2-3 pumps of product on short hair and 4-5 on long hair… Now I dunno about you but I can’t help thinking that less is most definitely more when it comes to hair oils/serums so I was a bit stingy with the oil the first couple of times I used it because I didn’t want to look like I’d washed my hair in a deep fat fryer. Now I’m a bit braver and have discovered that 3 pumps is the perfect amount for my hair, which is shoulder length and ridiculously fine

Although Argan oil certainly hasn’t given me luxuriously thick, lustrous, smooth tresses which would rival those of Eva Longoria it’s definitely made a noticeable improvement! I have far less little flyaway hairs along my middle parting, my hair looks much healthier and is actually easier to manage. I’ve found that after drying my hair the texture is much nicer than usual so I’m less inclined to use my straighteners to finish styling it and even though I’ve applied 3 rather generous pumps of oil it doesn’t end up greasy any quicker than usual! I’ll definitely be re-purchasing this when my current bottle runs out ♥

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Maybelline New York Pure Mineral Foundation

Hello all! And happy Wednesday to you, hope you’re having a nice week so far :)

I just read a comment left by Annette asking about Maybellines Pure Cover Mineral foundation. I can’t believe I haven’t done a post on this yet cos I’d been meaning to for ages! I did a review a while back where I waxed lyrical about the concealer so it’s about time I did the same for the foundation! I have a head like a sieve so thanks to Annette for reminding me

You’ve probably noticed that I love some of the Maybelline foundations - Superstay 24hr and Dream Satin Liquid to name but two – and in terms of coverage the Pure Mineral falls directly in the middle of these two so I was impressed by this from the very first use

The coverage is medium and the finish is a satin-y, dewy glow that doesn’t last particularly well. I wouldn’t apply this if I knew I had a really long day in ahead of me but if it was just a standard day at work it’d be perfect. Any longer and it generally needs to be re-applied (or at least touched up) as it has a tendency to fade relatively quickly

The only skin type I wouldn’t suggest this for is oily… Although it’s oil free I've found that this is no good when my skin is particularly greasy as it doesn't absorb the excess oil and just makes me look more shiny, especially around my nose and forehead. Also, the more oily my skin the more quickly this seems to slide off, even with a decent primer and setting powder!

I believe Pure Minerals is available in 7 shades and as long as you find one that matches your skin tone it looks incredibly natural – I think it’s partly because this doesn’t look “set” once it’s been applied so the final result is a fresh pretty glow as opposed to a “made-up” sorta look. Which is why I always veer towards gel, cream and liquid blushes and subtle eye shadow when I wearing this, it just inspires a more natural theme for me

For summer time this is my dream foundation; it feels fairly light, looks natural, glides on supremely easily, is mineral based and isn’t packed with skin irritating things like talc or perfume ♥

Tuesday 19 July 2011

pink and green EOTD and NOTD

A couple of weeks back I picked up a few teensy bottles of Hot Looks fast dry nail polish by Collection 2000. I haven’t tried these before but the colours look awesome so I couldn’t resist adding a few to my collection and decided to wear the mint green shade to go with a new top I got recently
I applied this on Sunday night and really didn’t like it at all… the colour isn’t very intense (even after 3 coats) and it’s not exactly self-levelling like a lot of the better quality polishes out there so it ended up looking a bit naff :( Due to my extreme laziness , and the fact that it was after midnight, there was absolutely no way I was gonna start over so I figured I’d just apply a coat of pink crackle and stick with it for a day or two…
The combination of the two colours looks a tad…odd. It reminds me of a dinosaur egg. Not that I’m constantly stumbling across dinosaur eggs or anything but if I was I get the feeling they’d look like my nails :)

Even though I wasn’t particularly keen on it I figured I’d wear eye shadow to match; in for a penny, in for a pound and all that jazz
Are you a fan of the crackle polishes? Have you stuck to the original black or tried loads of the new shades available? ♥

Monday 18 July 2011

High-end foundation dupes - Teint Miracle by Lancome

Evening all! Hope you had a marvellous weekend and a great Monday (if such a thing is possible)
It’s day 6 of my foundation dupes week and I’m gonna be recommending a dupe for my absolute favourite Lancome foundation; Teint Miracle

If someone asks me to recommend a nice foundation that just looks like their own skin only better I’ll often suggest one of these. They’re always at the front of my foundation drawer cos I couldn’t even tell you how often I use them
High-end : Lancome Teint Miracle
Price : £26
Shade : 010
Drugstore : Myface Mymix foundation
Price : £12.99
Shade : Fair 01

The Myskin range is a fairly recent discovery for me; I’ve only been using the products for about 18 months but I’m already in love with almost everything I’ve tried (I bought a lipstick which looked nice in the shop but was seriously icky when I applied it at home but other than that I’ve been well pleased with my purchases) and the foundation has quickly become very high on my list of favourites because I literally can’t fault it

Each of these products give a beautiful sort of soft focus, airbrushed, non-cakey look to the skin that looks so natural you genuinely couldn’t tell that you’re actually wearing makeup. The texture is quite light and fluid so it's extremely easy to blend whether you use a foundation brush, sponge or your fingers! They’re also long lasting so if you pop these on over a primer there shouldn’t be any problem with them staying all fresh n perfect right through the day

One of the reasons I was first attracted to these was the light shades available. I’m ridiculously pale so it can be a bit of a nightmare finding a shade that’s actually light enough to match my skin without leaving me looking like one (or both) of my parents is a Wotsit

I think these are gorgeous on most skin types because they dry to a soft, ever-so-slightly-velvety texture which hopefully wouldn’t be particularly off-putting for anyone! I like how they aren’t too matte, shimmery, sheer or dewy because it means I can generally wear these regardless of how my skin is behaving and the end result is always a lovely healthy glow. Though a liberal application of concealer is required when my dark circles and chin-spots decide to make an appearance. Which is waaaay too often for my liking :)

Friday 15 July 2011

High-end foundation dupes - Pro Lumiere by Chanel

Happy Friday!! Hope you’ve got a lovely weekend planned. Mine will be fairly dull but hopefully in a nice, relaxing sorta way. I’ve booked an appointment tomorrow to see about getting laser eye surgery; I’m getting my braces off pretty soon and I love the thought of getting rid of my glasses/contacts too… As much as I enjoy looking a bit like Ugly Betty I’d like to try a different look for a change!

And from a practical point of view it’d be pretty nice to be able to tell which kids in the swimming pool are actually my brothers and sister and not just random strangers who’re wondering why I’m waving at them like a lunatic

But onto the matter of the day! My dupe for Pro Lumiere by Chanel… I still remember buying Pro Lumiere and being so blown away by the sheer awesomeness of it that I wore it every single day for over a month (absolutely unheard of for me cos I’m swap n change my makeup constantly!)
High-end : Chanel Pro Lumiere
Price : £33
Shade : Limpide and Clair
Drugstore : Bourjois Healthy Mix
Price : £9.99
Shade : 51, 52, 53, 54 and 55 (I own more shades of this than any other foundation)

What I love about these foundations is how they give a gorgeous dewy glow to the skin that lasts all day, even if my skin is acting up and being more oily/dry than usual. The coverage is medium and although it’s buildable it's definitely not great for covering big blemishes or dark circles (first hand experience!) so a decent concealer is always handy

Although Pro Lumiere is described on the packaging as a semi-matte foundation I’d say it definitely gives a satin finish. If you’re after a matte finish then I’d recommend the pro mat version (funnily enough!) but not this :)

I reckon Healthy Mix by Bourjois has got to be one of the most underrated foundations of all times. And not just when it comes to drugstore goodies – there are plenty of high-end products that cost 4 times as much but don’t hold a candle to this! It looks superb, smells heavenly, goes on easily, lasts ages and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. An all round good egg and if I could only choose to use one of these foundations it'd be Healthy Mix

Each of these products even the skin tone, giving a more perfected, smoothed version of your own skin so they look lovely but still very natural and not too made up. They feel light and comfortable and as long as you’re happy with a dewy finish then you could definitely get away without topping them off with a powder

Thursday 14 July 2011

Perfect... If it wasn't for the creasing

Rimmel Colour Mousse 8hr in Splash (004)
As a general rule I avoid cream/mousse eye shadows because I find the colour isn’t easy to build and I have fairly deep-set droopy lids – all thanks to my parents, who also neglected to give me cheekbones!! - so I always end up with a build up of the product in the crease of my lid which really isn’t a great look. If only I didn't have to blink, eh? :)

However, when I spotted these little Rimmel mousse shadows I loved the colours so much I decided I’d just give them a try and keep my fingers crossed for a long-lasting crease free effect! It's called colour mousse 8hr (LIES!!) so I had high hopes. I dunno exactly what it is about green but I’m always drawn to any sort of green shadows, liners and pencils and knew straight away that I’d love this colour on…
It’s one of those two-tone metallic shades that almost changes colour completely as it reflects the light; it goes from a nice bright gold to a forest green. I know the pics probably don’t show this too well, that’s why I find these so annoying to blog about!
I was feeling lazy (and wearing glasses) the other day so just added a little touch of this to my lid and hey presto, my eye shadow was sorted. Unfortunately the dreaded crease had appeared in no time and although it’s not the end of the world it’s put me off using this again :(

When it comes to eye mousse the No7 Stay Perfect ones are probably the only ones I’ve tried that genuinely look perfect and crease-free after 8 hours or so. If you know of any others that hold up well feel free to recommend them! ♥

Wednesday 13 July 2011


I decided to wear contacts today so opted for a fairly bright eye look – when I’m wearing my glasses (I only use contacts a couple of times a week max) my eyes are pretty much hidden behind them so it seems a tad pointless to put much time and effort into my makeup if it’s not even noticeable!

Face :
Smashbox primer
Maybelline superstay 24hr concealer
Miss Sporty So Matte foundation
NARS upper orgasm blush

Urban Decay Peace (the blue)
MUA shade 9 (the purple)
NYC Eye Cube in Tony (highlighter)
Rimmel Exaggerate Liner in Ocean (under eye liner)
Lancome le crayon kohl liner in noir (upper eye liner)
AVON Super Shock mascara in black

17 Shine On lipstick in Sweet Sizzle
Also, I wanted to say a big thank you to all you lovely people who’ve been nice enough to follow me, leave comments, send emails etc… My blog has become a bit of an obsession and I find myself thinking about products that I can’t wait to review – either because they’re awesome or rubbish! – and I think I’ve learned more in the last year or so from other beauty bloggers than I have since I started wearing makeup many moons ago :)

High-end foundation dupes - Dior Nude

I’ve been a big fan of Max Factor foundations since I started wearing makeup so picked up Xperience as soon as it hit my local store. As for Nude by Dior; it took a while (and a free sample in a magazine) before I finally gave in and purchased this. I just wasn’t convinced that it’d suit my skin because I generally go for full coverage foundations and imagined this being more of a tinted moisturiser thanks to the name! As is often the case I was completely wrong and this has become a firm favourite :)
High-end : Dior Nude
Price : £29.50
Shade : Ivory and Cameo
Drugstore : Xperience
Price : £9.99
Shade : Beige linen 50

These are two of the most natural looking foundations I own – they give a more polished, even-toned smooth look to my skin so they’re absolutely perfect for this time of year when most people are opting for much less makeup thanks to the nice(ish) weather we’ve been having

I know a lot of the more natural finish foundations have a tendency to fade seriously quickly but these last ages without being touched up or topped off with a powder, which is sooo handy if you happen to be a bit of a lazy sod like me

When it comes to foundations I’ve tried quite a few so I’m always on the lookout for qualities that really make a product stand out – with these it has to be the weightless barely-there feel that is hard to come by in liquid foundations! Oh and the fact that they are unbelievably easy to apply is always a bonus... I reckon you could squirt a dollop of these on your face, rub it around with your fingers (without looking in a mirror) and it'd still look perfect ♥

Tuesday 12 July 2011

High-end foundation dupes - Chanels Vitalumiere

Hurrah for good skin days! I got up this morning and was well pleased when I saw how well-behaved my skin was being… So well-behaved, in fact, that I didn’t bother with a concealer and used my Instant Radiance foundation by No7. This is saved for days when I have very few blemishes and don’t need full coverage…

…Which is one of the many reasons I find it extremely similar to Chanels Vitalumiere. They are both great for adding a glowing dewy finish to the skin but I’d definitely not recommend them if you’re skin is really oily; the texture and “non-setting” quality means that these leave my t-zone looking like an oil slick on occasion so I am generally pretty careful about when I use them
High-end : Chanel Vitalumiere
Price : £33.00
Shade : 20 Clair - Cameo
Drugstore : No7 Insant Radiance
Price : £12.50
Shade : 03 Porcelain

On the No7 packaging the foundation is described as a radiant boost for tired, stressed skin and the Chanel package says anti-fatigue, smoothing satin finish foundation and I think these descriptions are pretty much interchangeable for the products

The texture, finish, coverage, durability, SPF and lasting time (not particularly long – generally about 6 hours) is the same for each. The main difference for me is the smell, mostly because I really dislike the Chanel foundation scents and find them far too strong and unpleasant. Though not enough to stop using them of course! The smell of the Instant Radiance isn’t anything to write home about but it’s fairly subtle and I can’t imagine it’d be off-putting for many people

Keeping my fingers crossed for another good skin today tomorrow cos I have a few sheer coverage foundations I’m eager to try!

Monday 11 July 2011

High-end foundation dupes - Double Wear Light

It's day two of my foundation dupes week and I decided to put my money where my mouth is and actually wear two foundations at once… Now if I was just hanging round the house this wouldn't seem like a big deal but I spent the whole day at work then went to visit my best friend in hospital (he fell during a fishing trip and broke his leg) so it was kinda important that I didn't end up looking like Two-Face from Batman :)
High-end : Estee Lauder Light
Price : £25.50
Shade : 2.0 (they actually refer to it as “intensity” on the packaging instead of shade but that seems a tad pretentious for some reason!)
Drugstore : Revlon Colorstay
Price : £12.49
Shade : Buff, Nude and Sand beige

I have Colorstay in a few different shades so it was easy to find one that matches my Estee Lauder Double Wear Light. To keep things fair I even used a different foundation brush for each foundation because it seemed like I'd be cheating if there was some Estee Lauder residue left on the brush when I went to apply the Revlon one. I didn't spend any longer than usual applying two different products but I spent about 10 minutes wandering around the house and into the back garden with a mirror to see if my face definitely looked the same on each side before I left for work!

No one mentioned me looking a tad strange and even when I was leaving work at 5pm my skin still looked even and neither side seemed to be fading more than the other. So far so good

These foundations would definitely make it onto my top 10 list because they give a really nice natural matte finish to the skin without looking like a mask… As much as I like a perfected finish to my makeup I'd rather it looked like my own skin instead of just makeup and I can't stand foundations that dry to give a powdery effect - very 1950s but it's just not a look I'd choose to go for on a daily basis :)

And talk about long-lasting! If I apply either of these foundations over a primer I can pretty much guarantee they'll still look exactly the same at 8pm as they did when applied at 8am! Today is a perfect example of this… I left the hospital at 7.30pm and then met Adryen for dinner; at wich point my skin still looked like its regular-non-two-tone-self

My only bugbear with the Colorstay is that it doesn't come with a pump dispenser. I know this isn't really a big deal but it always gets on my nerves, mainly because I never manage to pour the right amount on the back of my hand. Though I reckon that’s a pretty small price to pay for such an awesome product

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings ♥

Sunday 10 July 2011

High-end foundation dupes - YSL Teint Resist

Being a tad obsessed with foundation I thought it would be a good idea to do a “week of dupes” where I’ll post about some of my favourite high-end liquid foundations and comparable drugstore alternatives that I love just as much

You’ll probably notice that my collection isn’t full of one type of foundation… I like being able to choose between different levels of coverage, finishes, textures and shades (which is why I have 3 shades of some products!) depending on my mood

Hope you find this useful if you happen to be on the lookout for a new foundation. If you have any questions or anything ask away :)
High-end : Yves Saint Laurent Teint Resist
Price : £29.50
My shade : 5 (because it’s summer – I’ll take it down a notch or two in winter!)
Drugstore : Une Skin-Matt
Price: £12.49
My shade : M05

These are 2 of my most frequently used products and I’m on my second bottle of each. I’ve been using the YSL one for quite a while but only discovered the Une Skin-Matt (no idea why they spell it matt instead of matte…?) foundation about 7 months ago

They both give medium/full buildable coverage so are perfect for use all year round. One of the biggest plus points of these has got to be that they don’t sink into my pores so the end result is a very matte flawless finish

Neither of these foundations cause me to have breakouts or leave me with an oily t-zone, always something I look out for because my t-zone can look like an oil slick if I don’t opt for the right products

They also last extremely well… the coverage is still perfect after 8-10 hours and even after 14 hours or so it fades but not in a patchy unpleasant way so the perfect choice if you know you have a long day ahead of you!

Thanks for stopping by ♥

Is there anything Sleek can't do!?

Ever since I picked up the Pixie Pink Sleek blush I’ve been in love with the brand. From awesome blushes and eye shadow palettes to lipsticks and liners I’ve liked every single item I’ve bought from the range. So when I saw this little Molten Metal duo for sale on the Lovely Brittanys blog I couldn’t resist buying it; not least of all cos I haven’t seen it in any of my local stores that stock Sleek!
At first I thought the colours were gonna be quite similar but one is much warmer than the other so they’re great worn together or blended with other gold/brown shades. I’m generally not a massive fan of cream shadows because they have a tendency to crease on my rather droopy lids but with a little slick of primer these look smooth and freshly applied for ages…
This has just got me thinking that I don’t own nearly enough Sleek goodies so I’m thinking of trying the foundation, fingers crossed it’ll live up to my high expectations!

The spot kit that works

Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Control Kit
I know there are dozens, if not hundreds, of companies who have their own range of spot treatments that promise all sorts of miraculous results if you give their products a go. Having acne in your 20s is definitely a tad irritating – I should know! - so I tried loads of different brands (from Dr Murad and Cliniques Anti-Blemish Solutions to Clearasil and OXY) in the hopes that they would improve my skin… I wasn’t expecting to look like a supermodel or anything, I was just hoping they’d reduce the amount of spots and also the redness that came with them!

Out of every cleanser, toner and spot gel I tried the only ones that made a genuine long-lasting different to my skin were from the Clean & Clear range by Johnsons. My skin had been bad for so long that I’d almost given up on actually finding something that would help but this little 3 piece kit arrived in my local pharmacy so I figured it would at least be worth a try. That was a loooong time ago and ever since I’ve always had a supply in my cupboard just in case the unthinkable happens and they stop making it!!! I currently have 3 boxes because I think it’s better to err on the side of caution :)
The cleanser is easily one of my all time favourites and even if I branch out and try other brands I like having a bottle of this for when my skin feels particularly oily or is in need of a deep clean due to clogged pores and congestion around my chin. The moisturiser is non-greasy and although it feels extremely light and easily absorbed it’s still hydrating enough to keep my skin feeling comfortable all day long
As for the spot gel; I’m not really a fan of these kinda products because I find them to be way too drying, they normally just leave a little yucky patch of dry skin instead of a spot so it seems a bit pointless. If I have one of those horrible green looks-like-I’m-growing-an-extra-head kinda spots then I’ll apply the teensiest speck of this and it calms the spot overnight but it’s not something I use very often

My younger brother is 13 and is starting to see a few spots around his nose and chin and the only thing I’d recommend to him is the Clean & Clear Advantage spot control kit

Another fab freebie with Marie Claire

Nothing brightens up a dull trip for food shopping like a free lip gloss :) I picked up the August issue of Marie Claire for £3.60 and got this nice little Ciate lip gloss with it… there’s another seriously bright shade of pink available but I figured I’d check out the quality of this one before trying a second cos I haven’t used the Ciate glosses before
It’s a nice, sheer, delicious-smelling nude pink that’s a tad too sticky for my taste but not uncomfortably so so I’m sure I’ll get plenty of use out of it

Wednesday 6 July 2011

Bad beauty treatment - would you complain?

I got a leaflet through my door recently about a promotion in my local beauty salon… It’s a fairly small place but offers a good variety of treatments from manicures, spray tans, eyebrow tinting and waxing. I used to go for a facial now n then because the girl who did them was fantastic; she really knew her stuff and felt my pain when I was so spotty I didn’t wanna leave the house! (Long story short; she’s left now and there was a new girl waiting to greet me when I arrived)

When I saw that they had a 50% summer sale on manicures and pedicures I decided it would definitely be worth trying, not least of all cos I’d love to have a local salon do all my treatments instead of having to get a bus into the city centre

I have a bit of a phobia when it comes to people touching my feet so this was my first ever pedicure and I pretty much gritted my teeth and got through it without looking at what the manicurist was doing. We chatted about her kids, her job, her holiday plans, how she’d decorated her house etc etc so 45 minutes later I knew pretty much everything that was going on in her life till that point…
Then she started on my finger nails and I settled back to enjoy it because I normally find it really relaxing. She didn’t seem entirely confident in what she was doing but I wasn’t too concerned… Until she got a nail file and actually started to file the surface of my nails!!! Now we’re talking about a proper, sandpaper-like nail file that could absolutely not be mistaken for a ridge remover or buffer!!

My cuticles were pretty tidy when I arrived so when she pushed them back they were essentially sorted but she got her little cuticle cutters and “neatened them up” which seemed to be code for hacked to bits and really scraggly. Finally she applied the polish and made such a mess of it I was nearly tempted to just take the brush off her and do it myself
When I looked at the final result I could’ve cried. I’m not the most vain person in the world but I like having nice nails because I used to bite them so I look after them as best I can. To see them all scruffy and mangled was more than a little irritating I can tell you! But here’s the thing… I didn’t complain…
In fact I did the exact opposite; I thanked her for doing a great job and admired my nails along with her because she seemed to be extremely proud of her handy work. Then I came home, took the polish off, applied lots of cuticle oil and sat in a bad mood for a while thinking about what I would’ve liked to have said to her! I don’t like confrontation at the best of times but if someone else had been in my position I’d have been appalled if they didn’t complain! Yet because we’d chatted and I felt like she’d done her best I just couldn’t bring myself to criticise what she’d done :(

Have you ever complainted about a bad treatment or would you just grin and bear it?

My favourite shamelessly tacky products

When it comes to all things pink, glittery and girly I cant help but be won over by their sheer adorableness and if the products happen to be useful as well as pretty then all the better!

Admittedly these aren’t the most sophisticated things to pull out of your handbag but they’re definitely favourites of mine and I’d happily use them over sleek, chic, high-end alternatives :)
I probably wouldn’t have looked twice at this lip balm if it was in a regular old tin but because it has a cute Me To You bear on the front I had to give it a try. Rather surprisingly it’s pretty good because it not only smells nice and feels moisturising but it gives a nice subtle sheen to my lips if I don’t wanna wear a “proper” gloss
High School Musical pencil eye shadows in Pink, Silver, Blue and Purple
Ok, so I really can’t justify actually purchasing these High School Musical eye shadow pencils but I loved the colours and couldn’t help myself! The swatches don’t do them justice cos they look really bright, metallic and pigmented on so I wear them fairly frequently. The only downside is admitting what “brand” of eye shadow I’m wearing when anyone asks me about it I might be about 15 years too old for nail stickers but that doesn’t stop me wearing them! I get bored of my polish fairly quickly so normally I’ll wear a shade for a couple of days and once I’m sick of it I’ll add a couple of cute nail stickers and then paint a top coat over them. The variety available online is fantastic so I’ll usually choose a theme and end up buying LOADS of packets of stickers that fit in with it – I’m liking flowers at the minute because I’m feeling all summery and sucklike but a lot of the little skulls and spiders are eye-catching and awesome looking (if a little creepy)
These are definitely the most tacky lip glosses I own. Of course that’s just the packaging; the actual gloss is smooth, creamy and a pleasure to wear which is why I’m happy to use them even though the gold bunnies are extremely hideous (they’re Playboy!!) but extremely cute (they’re ickle bunny rabbits!) in equal measure
When people ask me if I have a favourite perfume I usually say Prada because I do genuinely really like it but because it also makes me sound a bit more grown-up that I actually am and hides a guilty secret of mine… My all-time favouritest perfume has got to be Fantasy by Britney Spears. I know it’s far too sweet and kinda smells a bit like candy floss, cookies and er, sugar all rolled into one giant sickly sweet bun with sprinkles on top but I still adore it and it never fails to put me in a good mood. And look how lovely the bottle is! I even just like how it looks on my shelf. Oh and I think Circus is quite yummy too

Do you have any favourite products that are maybe a little bit tacky and out of place in your collection? ♥