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Wednesday 13 July 2011

High-end foundation dupes - Dior Nude

I’ve been a big fan of Max Factor foundations since I started wearing makeup so picked up Xperience as soon as it hit my local store. As for Nude by Dior; it took a while (and a free sample in a magazine) before I finally gave in and purchased this. I just wasn’t convinced that it’d suit my skin because I generally go for full coverage foundations and imagined this being more of a tinted moisturiser thanks to the name! As is often the case I was completely wrong and this has become a firm favourite :)
High-end : Dior Nude
Price : £29.50
Shade : Ivory and Cameo
Drugstore : Xperience
Price : £9.99
Shade : Beige linen 50

These are two of the most natural looking foundations I own – they give a more polished, even-toned smooth look to my skin so they’re absolutely perfect for this time of year when most people are opting for much less makeup thanks to the nice(ish) weather we’ve been having

I know a lot of the more natural finish foundations have a tendency to fade seriously quickly but these last ages without being touched up or topped off with a powder, which is sooo handy if you happen to be a bit of a lazy sod like me

When it comes to foundations I’ve tried quite a few so I’m always on the lookout for qualities that really make a product stand out – with these it has to be the weightless barely-there feel that is hard to come by in liquid foundations! Oh and the fact that they are unbelievably easy to apply is always a bonus... I reckon you could squirt a dollop of these on your face, rub it around with your fingers (without looking in a mirror) and it'd still look perfect ♥


Lucy said...

I've been looking at Dior Nude for a while now... after reading your post, I'm so tempted to buy it.

A.M. said...

thank you so such for your posts regarding the foundation dupe. now, i can save some money :D

Jo Woods said...

wow, that is alot of foundations and I thought I owned alot, lol.

They sound great, I really need a foundation that feels lighter on my skin in this hot weather, my normal foundation is breaking me out with this hot sticky weather. I will have to have a look. Thanks for sharing :)


All Made Up said...

Lucy I've been enjoying mine at the minute because of the good weather... Might be worth asking the S/A for a little sample before you decide :)

A.M. it's the least I can do! And not just because it's the perfect excuse for me to buy more foundation ♥

Jo Woods feel free to stop buy n let me know if you review what you pick up... I'm always interested in hearing what other people think of foundations! xx