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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Seriously disappointing Umberto Giannini mask

Know what totally sucks? When you pick up something new, expect it to work wonders and are left seriously disappointed...

My hair could do with a trim but I haven’t got the time to get it done till the weekend so I figured I’d get a nice nourishing conditioner of some sort just to keep it looking and feeling good until I have all the nasty ends chopped off.

Decided to opt for something I haven’t tried before and got Umberto Gianninis Moisture Replenishing Hair Mask. It left my hair all heavy and even though I rinsed well there was still an unpleasant residue. Oh and it doesn’t smell too great either. All in all not one of my finer purchases!

All I wanted was hair like Hilary Swank! Is that really too much to ask!?!

Boots were doing 2 for £7.50 on the range so I also got the Indulgent Beauty Moisture Mask. Fingers crossed that this one actually does what it’s s’posed to!

Oh and feel free to recommend a nice conditioner or hair mask. Might save me wasting precious pennies in future :)


Rachelx said...

I will be doing a post on this in the next few days, I wanted to like the hair mask so much but it's just not good! If you find a good decent one make a post on it :-))

All Made Up said...

Ditto cos the Umberto Giannini stuff is usually absolutely lovely! Everyone I've spoken to reckons the hair mask they use is the best thing since sliced bread so I have a list of about 10 to try and shall be posting the results =)