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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Crap Glossy Box stuff thats just crap :(

The Harrods Edition Glossy Box
Good evening all, thanks for stopping by :)

I wanted to do a little post of this months Glossy Box cos I wasn't particularly impressed by any of the products I received. It's not that I'm really fussy or anything (except that I am) but I seem to have received a lot of duds over the last few months. I'm 26. Why do they keep sending my anti-ageing stuff?!
Of course I enjoy the surprise element of the whole Glossy Box thing but sometimes I wish I could select the products before they send them. You know, like from a website or something where they keep a list of the available items. Hmmm, that sounds suspiciously like regular old internet shopping. Just ignore me. You can wait til after you've read this of course...

Clarins Extra-Firming Body Cream 30ml
This is my least favourite product, mostly because I really dislike the brand. I can't think of a single Clarins product that's impressed me and this is as meh as the rest of their stuff. It looks, smells and feels ok but I have enough totally average products in my collection so wouldn't dream of paying full price for this

YSL Forever Youth Liberator
I feel I can't really give an accurate opinion on this because I don't have wrinkles yet. I'm happy to use nice hydrating lotions and potions in the hope that they keeps wrinkles at bay but these kinda serums can be waay to stimulating on my spot-prone skin so I find it best to avoid them. Cute packaging, loving the teensy pipette applicator cos it makes me feel all sciency

Burberry Lip Mist in Copper
If I saw this at a beauty counter I wouldn't even bother swatching it as it looks like a horrible, unflattering brick-orange shade. Now that I've tried it I'd still avoid it. The shade isn't nearly as offensive as it looks in the tube but it's still too brown toned for my skin. The texture feels nice but I'd never wear this

Narciso Rodriguez For Her
This smells like old woman to me. I know scent is really individual but this is one of those heavy, cloying, floral smells that reminds me of sitting next to old ladies on public transport. I don't have anything against old ladies you understand, I'd just prefer not to wear the same perfume as them

Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily Moisture bath and shower gel
The second ingredient listed is sodium laureth sulfate. I think we're all doing our best to try to avoid these kind of cheap foaming agents because it means we aren't left feeling all dry and tight after a shower. With a price tag of £18 for 300ml I'll definitely be sticking to The Body Shop or L'Occitane for my shower gels. Oh and this doesn't even smell very nice, which is one of my non-negotiable requirements for washy scrubby shower goodies

Did you fare any better with your Glossy Box? Or are any of the products things you already love? ♥


Erica J said...

I have heard that the glam bag thing from the youtube guru girls is crap too- last months birchbox was crap, what is with these programs? lol

Stephanie Gauthier-Bujold said...

I partly agree with you, there is too much of moisturizers in the boxes lately (3 in the same on same month is too much!) and I also don't like Clarins that much. Their glosses are ok.

Beauty Fiend said...

agree about the clarins so over rated and just crap

Lucy said...

I don't subscribe to any of these types of boxes, because of this reason, getting stuff I don't like or have no use for... I'd just feel like I wasted my money. I rather research a product and get one that I like, than a whole bunch of sample sized ones that don't do anything for me.

Dee said...

I love Clarins, and I'm of a vintage that needs anti-ageing stuff so I probably would have quite liked that box, but since Glossybox does that personal profile thing, it's ridiculous the crap they send out to random people. In Australia the latest one had Proactive in it - such a niche brand, the majority of people who got that would never use it.

I'm sick of these boxes - they all come out with a bang going on about luxe trial samples and makeup, and then most of what you get is crap you can buy at your local chemist, and an overabundance of lip balms and hand creams.