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Friday 23 March 2012

Concealer palette - under eyes, blemishes and dark circles

Catrice Allround Concealer palette

Happy Friday all!! Hope you're lucky enough to have the weekend off work :) I'll be working till 4pm tomorrow but people seem to avoid doing their banking on the weekends (very wise if you ask me, I mean it's just not what weekends are designed for!) so it'll probably be a fairly quiet day

I've just started watching season 7 of 24 and it's awesome! I watched The Lost Boys the other day it was really odd seeing Kiefer Sutherland not shoot anyone for a whole 90 minutes.

But yes, back to makeup...

I have to mention a brand that I discovered a few months ago. It's called Catrice and although I hadn't heard of it til recently I've now stumbled across it dozens of times online. Always the way, eh?
This is one of the first products I bought from the range and it was the simple idea that really caught my attention; there are 5 different concealer shades for different products so this works for covering regular old blemishes, dark circles and redness

The first 3 squares are all variations shades of beige which will come in handy when I get a little colour on my face over the summer and need slightly darker toned concealers! These are designed to cover blemishes so work well around my chin and jaw line, which hasn't been blemish free for what seems like decades :( Honestly I don't envy men at all - I hate the thought of not being able to use a little dab of something or other to hide all manner of imperfections!
The next square is pink and has been created to conceal dark circles. I absolutely love pink/salmon tones for my under eye area cos I don't get dark circles often but when I do they are a proper bluish purple colour and the pink really helps hide them

Finally we have the green square which is for concealing redness. As I general rule I hate these concealers. I've always found that they end up all green and weird looking and have no colour corrective ability whatsoever. This one, however, works an absolute treat. The trick is not to apply to much; a nice thin sheer application is enough to hide my red cheeks and any angry looking red spots

What has impressed me most about these concealers is the texture, they are incredibly creamy and manage to cover well without looking all dry and cakey.

Warning! If you're a fan of really high coverage products like Bobbi Brown cream concealer or Estee Lauders Maximum coverage concealer then this is definitely not for you! (sometimes I need the high coverage options) The coverage is translucent and not for fans of opaque products


Unknown said...

I love the lost boys, who couldn't love it.
This palette looks really cool, nice pigmentation in them.

The Peach said...

I love Catrice! I have a few product from the brand I've acquired from swaps. This concealer pallets looks great!