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Monday 15 November 2010

Love Hearts Goodies

Do you ever come across a product that brings out the pink-dress-wearing- glitter-loving 8 year old girl in you? It happens to me all the time, I’ll see something really bright and sparkly (and yep, completely tacky) and just have to have it! Most recently it happened when someone got me a Love Hearts set for my birthday

When I was opening said pressie I spotted the little Love Hearts logo and got embarrassingly exicted. Then I saw lip gloss...and perfume...and body lotion!! By this point I was hyperventilating and my 25 year old self was telling my increasingly excited 8 year old self to keep cool and at least try to refrain from squealing like a girl. Epic fail :)

Strawberry Dream Eau de Toilette

You probably wont be too surprised to hear that this is seriously sweet and smells of (fake) strawberries which I rather like! It lasts forever and you only need the teensiest little spritz. My kid brothers love the smell and my dad hates it – if we needed proof that this is aimed at the younger generation then I think this is it

Lip Glosses

Simple, glitterly, slightly sticky but definitely not unpleasant. Generally I wear the pink shade cos it’s subtle but still really pretty. Every time I’ve applied this in the bathroom at work someone has asked me where I got it. I had no idea people loved Love Hearts so much!

Kiss Me Body Lotion

Sometimes I cant help but put something aside for a “special occasion” which is exactly what I’ve done with this. Because I’m not using it yet I havent actually opened it to see how it smells. I’ve decided it's going to be my Christmas body lotion so I’ll be using it on the run up to the big day!

Talking of which I got my very first piece of Christmas tat of the year. It's a rubber duck with a little santa hat and a candy cane and I just think it's beyond cute. I really am 25 you know. Honest :)


Terri said...

Those love heart goodies really are cute!

Terri, xoxo

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

I'm 25 too, and still love stuff like this. It reminds me of the play cosmetics I used to get when I was little x3 I too am a sucker for all things pink and sparkly!

Leticia said...

Look at the ducky lol! I love it. :)

Unknown said...

Hahaha my kids love it when i get excited over little smelly things they buy me xx

Stevista said...

Hahaha the duck is soooooo cute! :) <3


Leah said...

damn, i havent recieved any pressies yet!
thanks for all my blog comments! (:

love the lip gloss too!

Audrey♥ said...

so cute! I actually want this set too - the lipglosses look lovely. Do you know where they're from? x

Stacey said...

Ooh I definately would have squealed too! lol The lipglosses look cool too, would fit into ever growing handbag nicely ;p

Bibi said...

Cute kiddo-stuff is the best... And I kind of like the fake-strawberry smell too!! >< Wow you're great for not opening the body lotion yet. I think I would've opened it right away, in all my enthousiasm ^.^

Unknown said...

I HAVE THAT RUBBER DUCK! (Jeeezz I got a bit excited then!)
Love the Love Heart products!!


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Melody said...

Oh, I always have that pink glittery thing in me every single time I find something cute - even if it's online. And then I'm all like, MUST WEAR FRILLY DRESSES - MUST RUN AROUND THE PARK LIKE A KID WITH A HUGE LOLLIPOP.

I mean, I still look like a kid xD

And, the rubber duckieee is so cuteee ! LOL <3

Katie said...

My friend bought a love heart perfume and I remember it smelling very sweet, I liked that though too! That looks like such a cute set and love the rubber ducky xxx

The Peach said...

The Love Hearts stuff looks so cute! Super girly products like this is always fun, regardless of your age! :)

nicoletta said...

The little duck is so cute ha. I think most of us are girly girls at heart. I'm 35 and i still always look at the pink glittery things in the shops xx

Hannah said...

Love the packaging but... I hate the products. :( x

All Made Up said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments. It’s pretty reassuring to know I’m not the only girl who’s 25 going on 9 :)

Audrey the set is from TJ Hughes. I know I probably shouldnt have gone looking for it cos it was a present n all but I wanna buy the set for a couple of people at Christmas!

Georgie Lowen LOL @ your comment. That was pretty much my reaction when I came across it. Christmas tat totally rules!

femputer said...

What a cute duckie!

I'm the same way, when I go into a Claire's (dunno if you guys have those there? it's an accessories store where you can buy makeup, nail polish, but mostly hair accessories and jewelry, and get your ears pierced) I'm like OOOOH IT'S SO CUTE MUST HAVE IT! Most of the stuff in that store is geared toward the 18 and under crowd. XD

Ashley said...

Yum. I think strawberry is a great scent for bath and beauty products. And I totally do the same thing with putting things away for a "special occasion." Unfortunately, sometimes I forget to actually use it, and it gets gross before I even get the chance!

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Take care! :)

Theresa said...

This is so cute! These are definitely one of those things you just can't help but get excited over no matter your age. ♥
It's funny because I actually do have my "special occasion" things. I'd hate for some things to go to waste on any regular, dull day.
And that duck is so cute!

Kimmie said...

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Noir said...

The lip glosses look so adorable ♥

P.S. I gave you a blog award here:

Liliai said...

Where can I find the love hearts merch? It looks awesome :) nice blog!

All Made Up said...

Femputer we have Claires here too and I hate going in because there are waaay too many nice things and I absolutely never leave without picking up at least a couple of things! Honestly I find myself picking up stuff I’ll probably never use just cos the packaging is so lovely

Noir thank you very much! Gonna have a little nosy now, got a wee bit overexcited by this comment so cant wait any longer before having a look! ♥

Liliai I got it from TJ Hughes. I cant call into this store without picking up a mekup product or two cos it’s fantastic value and there are so many cute items. Gonna get a few of the Love Hearts sets as Christmas pressies :)