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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Revlon nail polishes - eBay bargain!

Good evening all! Can you believe it’s Sunday already?! Totally sucks and I’m not really looking forward to work tomorrow :(

I’ve had such a lovely lazy weekend – Really enjoyed the comedy show yesterday, laughed till my sides hurt and I almost peed myself. Hurrah! Then today I went to the cinema to see Despicable Me (I know, I know but I love animated kids movies so I couldn’t help myself!) and went to my all time favourite cafe to have a bite to eat
Got a few nail polishes recently that I really love... I bought them on eBay cos I just thought the colours would be absolutely perfect for Autumn/Winter. The little bottles are très cute and although the brushes are small they’re incredibly easy to use; very important for a clumsy oaf like me!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend and enjoy your week :)


Terri said...

Some gorgeous colours and I agree 100% with you, they are definitely great colours for Autumn/Winter!

Terri, xoxo

Marie said...

Ohh! I never saw those bottles before! Are they like an ''old'' packaging? Or limited edition? My curiosity and me want to know! :)

Ai said...

Pretty♥ I'd wanna do red and gold nails for Christmas!!


liketreasure said...

they are lovely. the purple one looks gorgeous! x

Nail Designs xox said...

They are all beautiful colors! I never seen a revlon nail polish bottle of that shape!

Unknown said...

I love the gold!! You gotta love ebay!

Kellie said...

Oooh, the gold is so pretty! And all three of them really are perfect for autumn!

Leah said...

amazing colours (:
did those little nail swatches come with it?

xo leah

Leticia said...

I have never seen that bottle design before!

Unknown said...

Oh i love the colours,the red is my fave xxx

Stacey said...

Oh wow, I love the purple and the red shades! I agree the weekend is over way too quick!

Of The Saints said...

they are really lovely colours!


Louise said...

Great colours! I particularly love the purple. Now following your adorable blog xx

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Sara said...

Gorgeous!! I love all three of them :) perfect for Autumn!

Anonymous said...

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Bones Sharper Than Daggers said...

Those are lovely colours!

I went to see dispicable me this weekend too, I loved it!


Marisa said...

The middle color looks so beautiful!

Kimmie said...

Great haul! Check out my blog for my recent review on Milani 3D Holographic Nail Lacquer! I'll also have a Sally Hansen haul up soon!

Amber said...

great colors. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Your comment was very sweet :) Cheers

All Made Up said...

Marie as far as i know they’re an old version – my sister asked me to get her the same ones so I’m gonna have to start trawling through eBay again :(

Leah I got the nails from eBay just for swatching colours! I’m too lazy to try painting all the colours on my nails to see what I think so I use these little beauties cos they’re seriously handy

MyFashionAddictions said...

What a great idea to just swatch on the eBay nails! Specially for people like me who don't have super long lushious nails.
I LoVE the gold and purple!

P.s. thanks for the nice comment on my blog. :D xoxo

Leroy said...

Gorgeous!! I love all three of them :) perfect for Autumn!