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Saturday 1 October 2011

The concealer that goes on like paint

Smashbox Second Skin Long Wear Concealer
Hi all, hope your weekend is going fantabulously well! Mine has been pretty uneventful… spent this evening cleaning and doing some washing. Woo! Really living on the edge :)

Figured I’d end the night doing something a wee bit more enjoyable…like chatting about makeup :) I should probably start by saying that I only ever use this concealer when my skin is particularly oily… I generally have combination skin but that changes; I can look like an oil slick one month and like a patch of dry cracked mud the next so I usually buy products to cover all the changes. But if you have dry skin then it might be best to steer clear of this one!
The texture is seriously thick and creamy so I find the smallest little blob is enough to cover all the blemishes on my face and the dark circles under my eyes. Which means the little 9.5ml bottle I have has lasted months and it hardly looks like I’ve used any!
This stuff sets quickly and doesn’t budge so if I get caught in the rain or find myself rubbing my chin (where I have horrible breakouts) I know this is gonna stay put

But the best thing about this concealer is the colour! I’m ridiculously pale and as you can probably tell from the pics the fair version is genuinely light so it actually does a great job blending into my skin tone

Thanks for stopping by ♥


Anna Elizabeth said...

Wow I'm intrigued! My number one complaints about concealer are usually them not lasting long enough or not being light enough for my skin tone, so this option sounds perfect!

Leah said...

Thats pretty think!
Looks good though, nice coverage. I love concealers that cover everything without going cakey!

Risa said...

Seems like a really good concealer..I wonder whether it would work well on me though since I have alot of yellow undertone in my skin..thanks for sharing the review!


BlushCrush said...

I've never given this concealer a second look, but you've really encouraged me to try this for times when I need industrial concealing - thank you sweet! x

Anonymous said...

Sounds very good for pasty winter mornings!

Pennyblossoms said...

I adore Smashbox stuff. This concealer sounds as tho' it'd be worth splashing out on.
Thanx for the heads up!
Z xx

Jade said...

Sounds good! Don't think I can find in my country though, oh well.