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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

N.Y.C Autumn eye look

N.Y.C Metro Quartet Eyeshadow in Chelsea Chic
You know you’re a makeup addict when… It’s 6am, you can’t sleep and instead of making some hot milk (Bleugh!!) like a normal person you apply a full face of makeup just to see what an eye shadow quad looks like on. Instead of it feeling like a big waste of time I figured I’d post a couple of pics and let you know what I think of the shadows :)

So yeah, I bought this NYC “Metro Quartet” in Chelsea Chic way back but haven’t used it much, not least of all cos the colours are a bit meh and just not particularly stand-outty
Know what sucks? I only took this picture like half an hour ago and since then a spot that actually resembles an extra head has appeared on my chin. Le sigh :(
What with the weather changing and Autumn having well n truly arrived I decided to give this a go as the colours look kinda autumnal to me and the subtleness of the shades seemed like good day time options

The powders are finely milled and don’t pack much of a punch but with a good lid primer underneath they don’t look too bad at all. The pale minty green shade (very left of the quad in the pic) is surprisingly nice as it really brightens the whites of the eyes and I like how you can create a complete eye look with just this one little palette
Oh and I know I’ve kinda prattled on about NYCs liquid liner in the past but I totally have to reiterate just how much I love it! I usually veer towards pen applicators but the little brush in this one works a treat and is exceptionally easy to use
Thanks for stopping by ♥


Ann said...


Your eyes seems to open up beautifully ♥

EVE-O-LUTION said...

lovely shades yaa- looks grt on you :)
do review the eyeliner too :)

btw- do enter my giveawayon my blog :

Leticia said...

Pretty! I love it. :)

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely look. I agree with you about their liner!

Prachi said...

Hi Joy..You have a flawless skin. I just loved your look. :-) Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope you too have a great experience with your epilator. :-)

Dreamy Princess said...

Love the eye shadow gradation.

Hey, your skin look flawless, girl.Envy you..
Well, I hope I can review the black head gommage soon(:

Dreamy Princess

Anonymous said...

love this! you're so pretty

Alice x

Celeste said...

really pretty!