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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Pixi Perfection

Hello and good evening! I figured I’d stretch my Sunday out a little bit longer by doing a blog post and watching a few makeup videos, as always the weekend has been far too short for my liking :(

So, a few weeks ago I had my first foray into the world of Pixi cosmetics; the brand isn’t widely available here in Belfast so I ordered a few bits n pieces from the good old interwebs and can’t remember the last time I fell in love with a brand so quickly. I’m a total sucker for cute packaging and adore the light green shade of these little beauties – Really stands out amongst all the blacks and creams in my makeup collection!
I was well disappointed when I opened the Enery Blush - a blush/highlighter duo - cos the blush colour looks ridiculously dark, so much so that I figured maybe they’d mixed up my order and this was meant for someone else (Naomi Campbell, perhaps) … Then I swatched it and it’s actually a gorgeously natural peach shade. My faith in internet shopping was quickly restored. Phew!!

I reckon I’ll have to do a FOTD post to do the highlighter justice as it might look a bit bland in the pan but it’s the most perfect shade to highlight the cheeks and brow bone as it isn’t matte but doesn’t have the out-n-out glitter ball quality that you get with a lot of other highlighters
This little 8 shadow eye palette really jumped out at me cos it has the right colours for creating a pretty day time look or dramatic evening look. The quality is great (a definite 8 outta 10) and I’ve found that the dark brown shade can be used wet as a rather lovely liner
And last of all I treated myself to some Vitamin Lip Silk, mostly just cos it sounds so… I dunno, luxurious? Although the colour looks a bit manky in the tube this goes on sheer and just adds a nice shine to the lips. It manages to look like a subtle pretty lip gloss but is packed with vitamins A, C and E and Beeswax to keep the lips in tip top condition. Mine are pretty much beyond repair I reckon so I’ll let you know if it lives up to the promises over the next few weeks :)

So overall I’ve been very impressed by Pixi; these 3 products are all I used over the weekend. I barely left the house so couldn’t be arsed applying a full face of makeup just to walk the dogs round the park and call into the newsagents for a magazine and some crisps (Erm, yeah, I really know how to live it up on the weekend, eh?) Using these meant I looked like I'd put in a little effort

A little more info...

Eye Beauty Kit : Shade No7 Mirage £18
Energy Blush : Shade No3 Naturally Sunny £14
Vitamin Lip Silk : Shade No2 Amfinite £10

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Ginger Blond Coquine said...

Woah! I went on their website and they really seem to have an impressive collection...
I've never heard of it before, thanks for, huh, making me discover it?

In Palace said...

pretty colours!!

In Palace ♥

Anonymous said...

They all look so pretty! I've never tried anything from this brand before, but I'm really curious about it :)

Alice x

¡¡Maquíllate!! said...

It's soo beautiful!!!