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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

5 worst cleansers I've tried

Good evening good evening good evening! I dunno about you but the unseasonably gorgeous weather has put me in a rather cheery mood. Not that you’d be able to tell cos this post is basically gonna be a rant about the most rubbish cleansers I’ve used over the last 6 months or so

Guess I should start with a little disclaimer because I know some of these washes are probably a godsend for a lot of people. Obviously we all have very different skin types that respond differently to different products but these irked me so much I wanted to mention it so please don’t take it personally if I’m badmouthing your Holy Grail cleanser! :)

My skin is normal/combination and blemish prone around my chin/jaw area. The reason I had such a problem with the following products is that they left my skin totally un-balanced and spotty around my jaw line. “Ah-ha! But she already mentioned have spot-prone skin!” I hear you cry… And yep, I definitely do but I’ve found that a half decent cleanser is enough to stop me breaking out whereas a rubbish cleanser will have me looking like a pimple-faced teenager within about 3 days of the first use Clean & Clear Morning Energy. I was surprised by how much I disliked this cos one of my all time favourite cleansers is from the same brand, it's the Clean & Clear Advantage cleanser
Solutions Hydra Radiance Refreshing Gel Cleanser. The creams and eye gel from this rage at AVON are actually pretty good but cleanser is horrid
Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 wash/mask. This isn't too bad when used as a mask a couple of times a week but the texture makes a dreaful pore clogging face wash
L'Oreal Perfect Clean Refreshing Foaming Gel Wash. I was surprised at how bad this is because I love the pink and clear versions of the same rangeBiore Clean Things Up Gel Cleanser. This stuff is seriously yucky. My skin manages to feel unclean but stripped and dry after I've used it. Kinda disappointing as I bough the night serum and moisturiser at the same time and they're both awesome :)


Erica J said...

i can def. relate because the cleansers i try, also can make my face break out even worse too! I like the loreal 360 clean for sensitive skin - not sure if you've tried that one yet but I did a review on my blog if your interested - i also love proactiv

The Peach said...

I completely agree with you that cleansers tend to be a personal thing based on our skin types. I haven't tried any of these cleansers. Once I found one that worked good for me, I've stuck with it! Thanks for the review of these!

Fakhra's said...

am cleansing freak person, and very much concerned about cleansers regimn, as this products really give life to our skin...

Good post...:)

Celeste said...

I think this cleanser is good :) ^^

EVE-O-LUTION said...

I totally agree with you... hehehhe
I hav zeroed in on 2 cleansers finally after banging my head over the bad ones:
philosophy's purity
and neutrogena anti acne (the orange one)

Broodon said...

Joy, completely agree with you! I`ve spent so much money for cleansers that used twice - they felt awful to me...then I gave them to my husband`s mom ;) Recently tried Organic Surge Kiss and Make-Up Wipes and Daily Care Face Wash - they are great! By the way, this week BROODON is giving away the whole bundle of Organic Surge:
You should definitely try. Just for free! These products worth your attention!

♥ J said...

Great to see these reviews^^thanks