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Wednesday 6 July 2011

My favourite shamelessly tacky products

When it comes to all things pink, glittery and girly I cant help but be won over by their sheer adorableness and if the products happen to be useful as well as pretty then all the better!

Admittedly these aren’t the most sophisticated things to pull out of your handbag but they’re definitely favourites of mine and I’d happily use them over sleek, chic, high-end alternatives :)
I probably wouldn’t have looked twice at this lip balm if it was in a regular old tin but because it has a cute Me To You bear on the front I had to give it a try. Rather surprisingly it’s pretty good because it not only smells nice and feels moisturising but it gives a nice subtle sheen to my lips if I don’t wanna wear a “proper” gloss
High School Musical pencil eye shadows in Pink, Silver, Blue and Purple
Ok, so I really can’t justify actually purchasing these High School Musical eye shadow pencils but I loved the colours and couldn’t help myself! The swatches don’t do them justice cos they look really bright, metallic and pigmented on so I wear them fairly frequently. The only downside is admitting what “brand” of eye shadow I’m wearing when anyone asks me about it I might be about 15 years too old for nail stickers but that doesn’t stop me wearing them! I get bored of my polish fairly quickly so normally I’ll wear a shade for a couple of days and once I’m sick of it I’ll add a couple of cute nail stickers and then paint a top coat over them. The variety available online is fantastic so I’ll usually choose a theme and end up buying LOADS of packets of stickers that fit in with it – I’m liking flowers at the minute because I’m feeling all summery and sucklike but a lot of the little skulls and spiders are eye-catching and awesome looking (if a little creepy)
These are definitely the most tacky lip glosses I own. Of course that’s just the packaging; the actual gloss is smooth, creamy and a pleasure to wear which is why I’m happy to use them even though the gold bunnies are extremely hideous (they’re Playboy!!) but extremely cute (they’re ickle bunny rabbits!) in equal measure
When people ask me if I have a favourite perfume I usually say Prada because I do genuinely really like it but because it also makes me sound a bit more grown-up that I actually am and hides a guilty secret of mine… My all-time favouritest perfume has got to be Fantasy by Britney Spears. I know it’s far too sweet and kinda smells a bit like candy floss, cookies and er, sugar all rolled into one giant sickly sweet bun with sprinkles on top but I still adore it and it never fails to put me in a good mood. And look how lovely the bottle is! I even just like how it looks on my shelf. Oh and I think Circus is quite yummy too

Do you have any favourite products that are maybe a little bit tacky and out of place in your collection? ♥


Danielle said...

I totally agree about BS fantasy. I love it too. Definatly in my top few perfumes xx

Becki said...

That is so funny, my all time most complimented fragrance is BS Fantasy. When I wear it people always ask "what are you wearing you smell so good" then I have to tell them, lol. They always get a little chuckle.

Gaby Fauchon said...

OMG Fantasy! I really want to get my hands on a bottle, smells sooooo gorgeous!

Katie ♥ said...

Haha this made me laugh cos I'm the same - when you see all of those tacky little hello kitty cosmetics in H&M, I'm the one buying them by the bagful. I just love them! Sometimes if they're a bit crap I just put them at the front of my shelves and never use them ha. I'm a sucker for lip balms with a gimmick too - Smackers coca cola? Drumstick lollies lip balm? Oh yeah! xo

Unknown said...

i love the britney perfumes (well most of them)

shel xx

All Made Up said...

lol, I'm really glad I'm not the only person who loves fantasy so much!! And Becki I reckon it's definitely my most complimented scent too - I've been told I smell of cookies when I'm wearing it? :/

Katie Marie I just bought hello kittie earring on tuesday! I spotted them when I was walking past claires accessories and just couldnt help myself. And as for the smackers... they sell them at the counter in my local primark and I pick up one every time I'm in. Even though I hardly ever use them!

Irishenchantment I'm the same - It's the one in the weird angled bottle that i don't like. cant remember the name of it though!