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Tuesday 21 August 2012

Top 10 foundations under a tenner

Good evening all. Long time, no blog :)

I've been kinda busy recently but I'm sure you dont wanna hear me ramble on about my tediously dull life so lets just get right to the point; cheap foundations! These are my top 10 that can be purchased for less than a tenner

I'm ignoring sale prices so although there are plenty of foundations with a few quid off that could technically make the list at the min - such as good old Revlon Colorstay, which is currently £9.99 in a few high street stores as opposed to the usual £12.99 - in the case of this blog post they just don't cut the mustard

Oh and on a bit of a side note have you noticed just how expensive "cheap drugstore foundations" have become recently? I can't help but scoff when I see some of them being sold at £14.29 a pop (yeah, you better hang your head in shame L'Oreal!) At that price I want someone with troweled-on makeup testing out the shades on me and giving me the hard sell. If it's good enough for the Clinique counter...

So my top 10 in no particular order are:
Collection 2000 Naturall Radiant £3.99
Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr £6.99
Maybelline Superstay 24hr £9.19
Max Factor Xperience £9.99
Maybelline dream Satin Liquid £7.99
Rimmel Match Perfection £8.99
Barry M Foundation Creme £6.19
Max Factor Panstik £6.99
Bourjois Healthy Skin £9.99
Maybelline Wonder Finish £6.19


Mimi said...

ooooh, i'm gonna have to check these out! :)

<3, Mimi
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Jenns said...

so lucky! foundations arr around thr $20 mark here in Australia... Revlon ones hit around $30 mark ):

Jade said...

Just got the Rimmel 25 hr one, although it comes in a tube where I'm from. It's good, although in my case, I have to set it with powder, otherwise it clumps up on my forehead, or maybe I'm just applying it wrong, I seem to have one or another problem with new foundations, then I get the hang of applying them. Okay, enough rambling for one comment. Have a great day!

Anda Zelenca said...

Nice selection! I'm curious to try Max Factor Xperience and Bourjois Healthy Mix. :X

Nivedita said...

I could write an ode to the HM!! I wonder why maybellline withdrew the WF line here.
Shall check out the maxfactor ones next :)

Beauty Fiend said...

Max Factor pan stick is really good under a tenner and good coverage
Beauty Fiends Blog

Suntrupgucb said...

so lucky! foundations arr around thr $20 mark here in Australia... Revlon ones hit around $30 mark ):