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Friday 1 June 2012

Top 5 full-coverage foundations

A while back I did a post on my favourite natural looking foundations that look great but usually fall into the light/medium coverage categories. Unfortunately my skin has been bad recently. I'm not one to be overly dramatic but I can safely say that my skin is pure evil. That's right, EVIL. That's the only explanation I can come up with for it constantly inflicting yucky spots on me even though I treat it really well. Stupid ungrateful skin! GRRR!!!

On the plus side my cruel skin has forced me to find some extremely high coverage foundations so I figured I share my top 5 today (as requested by the lovely Katrina) I'm afraid the majority of these are kinda pricey... As a general rule I've found that the high end brands tend to do better quality full-coverage foundations than the drug store brands

When I'm looking for a full-coverage product I want one that will hide EVERYTHING. I know people say they cant wear foundations that give a mask-like finish and I totally understand why but my skin can be so bad that sometimes I need something that will essentially leave my face looking like a blank canvas. Of course that means I have to add my features using blush, highlighter etc but I find that easier than using a concealer to hide unwanted areas. When my skin is being particularly horrid that could mean covering most of my face with concealer!

Anywho, these are products that I absolutely adore and the coverage is amazing... I think I'll do separate reviews for each one cos although they're all very full coverage they differ in many ways. So, in no particular order these are my top 5...
Vichy - Dermablend in Opal 15
Estee Lauder - Double Wear in Fresco 01
Max Factor - Pan Stik in Fair 25
Diorskin - Forever in 010
Estee Lauder - Maximum Cover in Light 01

If you happen to have a favourite that I haven't included feel free to mention it in the comments! I'm always on the look out for new ones to try


Mimi said...

I love Vichy Dermablend,a year ago my skin was really bad and I bought it then,and even my skin is ok now I still love it.Pan stick I used years ago and its really good stuff

Beauty Fiend said...

I have tried all of them apart from the panstick. Im using Estee Lauder max coverage, do you think it really hard to blend and get a n atural fin ish?
Beauty Fiends blog

All Made Up said...

Mimi I was kinda worried when I tried Dermablend cos a few reviews said it caused terrible breakouts but thankfully I didn't have any bother with it either :)

Beauty Fiend I find it dries REALLY quickly so I'll usually only dab a little on my forehead and blend it in, then I do my chin and my cheeks last. That way it doesnt have time to dry before I've finished blending! Also, I never use it when my skin is really dry cos it just seems to cling onto any dry pathes and makes them more noticeable ♥