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Tuesday 24 April 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr eye shadows
Good evening all! Hope you're having a nice week. Mine has been a bit of a drag so I spent a couple of hours in the bath reading the new issue of Marie Claire and am just about to head to bed to watch River Cottage with a nice cup of tea. It's definitely the simple things in life, eh? :)

Anywho, I just wanted to mention these little Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr eye shadows that I've been using recently. Being a total sceptic when it comes to "long-wear" makeup I would have been impressed if these had lasted 8 hours without a primer. So I was more than a little wowed when I took my makeup of at about 8.30pm (after applying it at 7am) and my shadow still looked pretty close to perfect
Shades: On and on bronze and Turquoise Forever

I went for a bright shade and an every day neutral because I wanted to be sure they were half-decent before buying any more. I've now got my eye on the silver and dark brown as well because as every day eye shadows go these are bloody brilliant. The texture is like a tacky cream and I can literally swipe a bit of colour across my lid and bam! I'm all set. These are definitely a must for those of us who are really busy (ahem, lazy) and don't have time to spend ages faffing about with 4 different eye shadows every morning

You only need the teensiest little dab of product to get really good colour pay-off over the whole lid so these beauties are definitely gonna last me months... providing I keep the lid on tightly! The texture seems similar to gel liners so I reckon they'll dry out if left open for too long. Oh and talking of which! These can be used as gel liners with an angle brush and the effect is awesome. Hurrah for 2-in-1 makeup purchases


Unknown said...

The colors are so vibrant! Got to try these!

Pink Tattoo said...

I've seen so many great reviews, I might have to get some of these for myself!!

Miss Jones said...

the bronze colour looks gorgeous - mind you the turquoise will be amazing for summer! if we ever get one xxx

Makeup And Fashion Freak said...

the shades looks pretty

Sammie said...

nice colors :) the blue is my favorite


Theadorabletwo said...

Great Post! I love the blueish color best!

Love Storm