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Saturday 2 June 2012

Yay for free beauty goodies!

Happy Saturday all! Having a nice weekend so far? I've had the busiest day ever... Normally that's a good thing but in this case I was just cleaning and trying to sort out the garden, which was even less fun than it sounds. I'm just about to get a nice long, hot bath with my new copy of Glamour which should make up for the rest of the day being sucky

Talking of Glamour... I was browsing the magazines at Tesco today and loads of them have awesome freebies this month! I always feel guilty spending a fortune on mags in one go so I only got two today. I'll pick up another couple tomorrow. Oddly that's all that's required to assuage the guilt :) I wanted to mention the ones I got cos I was so chuffed with my little extras
Red magazine......Comes with a choice of Jemma Kidd mascara or eye liner. I decided on the mascara cos I think I currently own 365,988 liners. Thats just a rough guesstimate though. It's probably more
Glamour magazine...
...Comes with a choice of Benefits The Pore Fessional, Bad Gal mascara or That Gal primer. I hate the mascara but I've wanted to try the other two products for ages! So of course they didn't have the primer. Bloody typical, eh?

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