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Monday 4 June 2012

Fab foundations for really pale skin

I know that some of you will think this is a strange thing to post about. I mean most foundations are available in a massive variety of shades so you would be forgiven for assuming that each brand has a shade to suit everyone... Unfortunately being as pale as I am means that finding a foundation that actually matches my skin tone can be a total nightmare, I've noticed a lot of other bloggers have the same issue so I figured I may as well do a little post on foundations that are properly pale

I've included liquid and powder foundations, all of which are absolutely brilliant (and not just cos they're available in the lightest shades imaginable!) and I can always reach for these safe in the knowledge that I wont end up with orange toned demarcation lines all round my jaw line
Bare Minerals Original in Fair C10
Diorskin Forever in 010
Maybelline Super Stay 24h in Light Beige 005
Lancome Teint Miracle in 01
Laura Geller Balance n Brighten in Porcelain

Obviously everyones skin tone is completely different so, where possible, it's always worth getting a sample before you buy but if you happen to be looking for a seriously pale foundation then these could be a good starting point :)


eRiN said...

I have Balance n Brighten in Fair, because it was the lightest shade Apothica carried and blogger reviews and swatches made me think it'd be ok - but if I put on a lot, or try to use it wet as my foundation, it looks like I've been doing some bad fake-tan on my face :/ I need that Porcelain one!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I don't think I have really pale skin, but I'm pretty lightskinned compared to your typical Asian skintones. I think I'd like to try the Diorskin foundation. I hear good reviews on it.

Sarah@Blusherobsession said...

l'oreal have some pretty pale shades, especially infallible

Unknown said...

Great post - thanks for thinking about us ghostys lol! I am a NC15 in MAC so very fair - I find Face Atelier's shade range is amazing for pale skin, you should check them out!

All Made Up said...

eRiN I started out with the fair option too! I got it in the "vanilla nudes" collection last year and it worked well during the summer when I had a bit of colour on my face but as soon as winter hit it was way too dark. I havent tried using it wet yet - but now you've mentioned it I'm gonna give it a shot ♥

Rinny I really cant say enough positive things about Diorskin. It's easily one of my all time favourites and although it's pricy it's totally worth it :)

Sarah I've been eyeing the infallible foundation every time I've been shopping recently so it's now officially on my shopping list. Looking forward to trying it xx

Stacie Gray I'm NC15 too! I only recently found out that Atelier do a "minus" foundation which is pure white and can be combined with other foundations to lighten them. Sounded fab to me so I went online immediately but it sold out so there's now a wait list :(

Denise said...

If it helps, Barry M do a pure white one as well for about a fiver - no idea if the quality is any good but might be a good one to mix with your 'too dark' foundations?