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Wednesday 6 June 2012

The "not just a primer" primer

Prime Time - Bare Minerals Neutralising Primer
Know what I love about this primer? It leaves my skin feeling smoother, creates a good base for my makeup to adhere to and helps said makeup last longer. Which is pretty much what you'd expect from any half decent primer but what makes this different - and better - is that it actually helps colour-correct problem areas on the skin before you even get to the makeup part
I kinda rediscovered Bare Mineral a few months ago and couldn't believe how the range had expanded since I last bought some BM foundation! There are like a gazillion new products so I ordered half a dozen or so and was pleasantly surprised by most of them

Prime Time looked interesting cos most of the colour-correcting/neutralising primers out there are bright green and look hideous on so the yellow tone intrigued me!
I now absolutely love this and if I'm having any skin issues at all, from dark circles to volcano like spots, then I'll always opt for this primer before I do my makeup. It doesn't hide the problems like an actual concealer but lessens the harshness of them, meaning I can usually get away with less foundation, concealer and the like
I'm all for products that can multitask so this has become a firm favourite and I'm already on my second bottle :)


Teresa [themakeupnut] said...

I think I got a sample of this somewhere in my stash! I am going to dig it out and try it! Great review :)

Unknown said...

maybe it is too expensive...thanks for the review