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Thursday, 29 March 2012

My top 3 high-end creams for dry skin

Monu Recovery Balm
£17.50 for 50ml
This smells really grown up - definite hints of rose and bergamot. It feels like a light lotion but is as nourishing and moisturising as those heavy, sticky night creams that work well but feel horrible on the skin. If my skin is playing up and I can't quite tell how it's gonna behave overnight I'll use this before bed... whether I'm dry, oily, starting to breakout or just, well, normal, this always works well and wont aggravate any unpleasantness I have going on
Clinique Moisture Surge
£30 for 50ml
This is an odd product because it's an extremely light gel that's easily absorbed so you wouldn't think it'd do a great job when it comes to adding moisture to the skin but it works a treat! The texture is like nothing else I've ever tried; it's ridiculously light and leaves the skin looking matte and feeling smooth. Which makes it great as a day or night cream as makeup can be applied pretty much straight away but it's still hydrating and comforting enough to use as a night cream. Almost good enough to make me say I like Clinique. Almost
L'Occitane Ultra Moisturizing fluid
£22.50 for 50ml
The perfect moisturiser for summer, this has SPF 20, smells heavenly thanks to the shea butter and doesn't take an age to sink into the skin. This is my third or forth bottle so you can imagine how disappointed I was when I called into my local L'Occitane shop the other day and found out that they no longer stock it. Thankfully it's still available online so I'll have to stock up. This is one of the first moisturising face creams I tried that didn't make my skin breakout so I've loved it ever since

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Pennyblossoms said...

The Moisture Surge is downright brilliant! It is one of the items from a Bonus Time that I actually went out and bought a full size, full priced one!
Z xx