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Tuesday 17 April 2012

Just another dreadful foundation

L'Oreal Lumi Magique foundation in Rose Pearl
Good evening all! Hope you're keeping well and having a nice week :) Mine has been fab! I started reading The Hunger Games and couldn't put the books down; I clearly don't get out much cos a good book is more than enough to put me in a great mood. But you know what doesn't put me in a good mood? Bad makeup. See what I did there? As seamless introductions go I think that one was... Almost as bad the foundation I've been using. God, I'm on fire tonight


In all the years I've been wearing makeup I've never liked a single liquid L'Oreal foundation. Not ever. So I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised when I found Lumi Magique to be absolutely crap but the eternal optimist in me had high hopes so I was really disappointed. Not least of all cos I bought this instead of the new Bourjois 123 foundation which I've been eye-balling for a while

Now I know this shouldn't matter much but I can't help being ridiculously irritated by the name because, well, I'm not exactly sure why, maybe because it over-promising? I dunno about you but if something has the word magic (or variations of such) in the name then I'm gonna expect some serious results from said product. Magical results, if you will. And this totally under-delivers

The foundation incorporates loads of my pet hates - it doesnt blend well, the coverage is rubbish, it doesn’t look natural and is more greasy than glowy. All that and it costs £10.99 so it's not even particularly cheap for a drugstore foundation!

I've worn this 3 times cos although I hated it first time round I'm nice and believe in second chances. I applied it yesterday and today and disliked it more each time. But I like to find the best in things (See? Nice)so I wanted to mention that I like the name of the shade I bought, it's called Rose Pearl which just sounds so pretty. Yep, thats the best I can say about this


Unknown said...

Have you tried their 16 L'Oreal Infallible pump foundation?
I love it, great coverage, long lasting, non-caky and does make me look like an oil slick.

Jade said...

Was wondering about this one too. Too bad it's not good, maybe it's better suited for people with dry skin? If you do buy the Bourjois one, let us know :).
Have a great day!

Sara Kalima said...

Aw how disappointing! I was going to try this out but youre maybe the 3rd person to say its crap, I might save my money and buy something I know is good instead.

makeupjelena said...

Sorry to see that this foundation doesn't work well for you... I bought it recently and I use it every day, it works great for my skin (normal/dry), it looks very natural on me.
Let us know if you try Bourjois 123 foundation, I'm curious about that one.:-)

Scarlett said...

I just finished the books this morning!
Totally addictive :)

I also hate every L'oreal foundation I have ever tried.

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

I've never tried Loreal foundation, guess I'll save my money instead.. too bad.
I read the first HG book and liked it, need the other two!