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Monday, 26 March 2012

Non-pore-emphasising cream blush

Maybelline Dream Touch Blush
So I was doing my makeup on Sunday and really couldn't be arsed with anything time-consuming so stuck with an old reliable foundation, mascara, blush and vaseline on my lips. Fancy? Well not really. But I was only heading to the park with my pooches so going to the effort of applying any makeup at all was pretty impressive by my ridiculously lazy standards

Which got me thinking that if I'm going for a very (pretend) natural look then a cream blush seems more apt than a powder as it tends to look more, well, natural...

The only problem I have with cream and liquid blushes is that they have a propensity to make my pores look massive! I'd say on a scale of 1-10 (1 being pin-prick-sized and 10 being crater-sized) my pores are a perfectly acceptable 3. Unless I'm wearing certain blushes in which case they're a definite 17. Hey it's my scale, they can so be a 17!
This is precisely why it took months of wondering about the Dream Touch blushes before I actually splurged my hard-earned cash on one. It turned out to be a great buy because these are creamy, smooth, pigmented and a breeze to blend. And, you guessed it! The cream seems to float in a nice layer right over my skin so my pores don't look all gross and obvious

There are only 4 shades available which kinda sucks but I've found that the apricot and berry ones suit me just fine, they are buildable if you happen to want a more intense colour but a teensy dab blended with a simple makeup look is so natural you'd swear you weren't wearing blush at all


Argyrousa said...

They look great! Can you put it on so as to see it on you as well? =) Thanks!

Pennyblossoms said...

Just scanned down my list of blogs I read, y'know, the one with the little pictures.
Whoa there...did a quick double back. Who's posted a picture of a pair of naked breasts?!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't believe me? Come and have a look!!
Have a great weekend; hope the weather is as good over there as it has been here!
Z xx

Anonymous said...

I love these too, they're a must have for me! x

Blakehses said...

They look great! Can you put it on so as to see it on you as well? =) Thanks!