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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Red lip gloss - gorgeous, flattering and free

Barry M Limited Edition Valentines Day Lip Gloss
You’ve probably noticed that I’m a massive fan of the Barry M lip glosses… I own about 10 or 12 at the minute and literally can’t think of a single thing I don’t like about them! Every time there is a limited edition one I fall in love with it, which kinda sucks cos they’re available for such a short time :(

I almost never wear red lip colours as I usually go for dramatic eyes and pale, subtle lips but when I swatched this red Barry M gloss I just had to have it; I’d happily create a whole makeup look round this one item!
This is a limited edition Valentines day special which is free when you spend £6 or more on Barry M goodies. I had a look in Boots today and this is still available but I’m not sure when the offer is due to end

The smell is a mouth wateringly fruity sweet scent, almost too nice cos it makes me wanna just lick it off. The colour is a 1940s style berry red that makes my lips look bright, my complexion even and smooth and my teeth white. Which is no mean feat for a lip gloss!

I just wanted to mention this cos I know a lot of people are nervous of such striking colours but I think this shade would be flattering on most skin tones and the texture is a lot more forgiving that a lot of bright red lipsticks :)


Leticia said...

I love this red! Looks very flattering on your skin tone.

Powell said...

I love this red! Looks very flattering on your skin tone.