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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Miss Sporty - 5 awesome products under a fiver

Miss Sporty is one of those brands that doesn't really draw me in when I'm shopping for cosmetics. I'm not entirely sure why cos I've bought some awesome goodies from the line but I generally wander past the stand without giving it a second glance…

But I was sorting through my makeup the other day - I find that throwing out a load of makeup ensures my next shopping trip is virtually guilt free. I mean I need new stuff - and came across tonnes of Miss Sporty stuff that I absolutely love. These are a few favourites that I had to mention!
So Matte Perfect Stay Foundation in Light £3.49 : I think this is one of the most underrated drug store foundations ever. I really must get round to doing a full review but it’s basically a long wearing shine controlling matte finish foundation that lasts hours and only costs £3.49. You just cant beat that!
Fabulous Lash mascara in Xtra black £3.29 : This has a classic conical bristle brush which is easy to work with and does a good job of separating all my lashes. The formula is glossy and not wet enough to leave my lashes clumped together but not so dry that it leaves the hairs feeling brittle and like they’ll break if I touch them
Ladies Night lip gloss in In The Spot Light £3.49 : This is one of those all-round-great-for-every-day-use-bargaintastic products that I will happily use day in and day out. The colour looks scarily pink in the tube but is a subtle pretty pink when it's been applied. The texture is not too sticky and not too slick so it stays put for more than 5 minutes (unlike a lot of glosses I’ve tried recently)
Ohh Blushed Again in Sienna £3.09 : This is one of my favourite peach blushes. It looks really natural and pretty because it’s a completely matte powder and I’ve found that it builds really well
Ultra Shine Gloss in Envy Me £2.99 : One of the best smelling glosses I’ve ever tried! I love the pale pink slightly glittery colour and the texture is lovely. I’ve bought a whole bunch of different shades from for 99p each and I’ve got loads of use out of them :)


Nivedita said...

My sis got me their french Manucure kit and it was wonderful! couldn't believe at that price it delivered such a great quality!

Zatheela said...

i hvnt used any of these..

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