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Monday, 13 February 2012

Foundation of the moment - Wake Me Up by Rimmel

I'm always a bit wary of "brightening" foundations cos I've found that words like brightening and illuminating are often code for glittery. I'm not averse to a little sprinkle of glitter but I generally prefer it being limited to a swipe of eyeliner or lip gloss; a whole face full of it just doesn't appeal to me

But of course the advertisements won me over (damn those gorgeously airbrushed pictures!!) and I couldn't resist giving this a try. Most stores seems to have this foundation on offer at the minute so I got it for £5.99, not too bad considering it's absolutely brilliant and genuinely brightening, not just glittery :)
The thing that impressed me most about this is how natural it looks, it actually reminds me of Healthy Mix by Bourjois because it looks like skin. Much clearer, smoother, brighter skin than my own but still natural and not cakey or powdery or shiny or sparkly or… well you get the idea. This basically leaves me looking like a better version of myself, kinda like I've had 12 hours sleep followed by a nice hearty breakfast and a walk along the beach. None of which I've done for a very long time

It's everything I've come to expect from Rimmel; looks great when it's first applied, lasts well, feels really comfortable on the skin, is a total bargain and even smells nice!
Like a lot of people I generally opt for different levels of coverage depending on the time of year, what state my skin is in etc. I reckon there the majority of foundations fall into the medium coverage category but there seems to be huge variations in the level of coverage between the medium coverage ones. If that makes sense? Wake Me Up gives a light medium coverage. It would take a really good skin day for me to wear this without a few dabs of concealer
Oh and I should probably mention that this foundation never "sets" and stays quite moist on the skin pretty much all day. Personally this is perfect for my skin at the minute because I feel like a dried up old prune in this weather so anything that adds a little moisture is a bonus but I'm sure it'd be a deal breaker for a lot of people!

Other stuff :

Cost - £8.99 (on sale for £5.99 in most Boots and Superdrug stores at the min)
Size - 30ml
Shades available - there's only 6 so there'll be a lot of disappointed people who cant find a match


Unknown said...

Thanks for the review! I have been looking for new foundation to try and this looks like it might fit for me.

Ginger Blond Coquine said...

I need this now. :P

Anda Zelenca said...

I got this foundation last week and I'm in love with it! It's a little too moisturising for my skin, but there is nothing a good powder can't handle!:))


Lucy said...

this foundation sounds so awesome... but anything with the word "glow" in it's name will turn into an oily mess on my face in about an hour... still I'm tempted

Chandana said...

This sounds really promising!

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