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Wednesday 29 February 2012

MeMeMe liquid liners

Good evening all! Hope you’re having a lovely week so far :) Mine has been ridiculously busy and I’m already counting the minutes till the weekend… Not that I have much planned or anything but some nice food and a few episodes of The Shield will suit me just fine!

Anywho I was getting ready for work this morning and had left myself precisely no time to do my makeup (I try not to hit snooze, I really do, but it’s just too difficult) so ended up wearing the bare minimum in terms of makeup and opted for a gold liquid liner to brighten my eyes and draw attention away from my appallingly behaved skin - lots of breakouts recently, no idea why :(
Above from left : Krypton, Titanium, Neon and Copper

Instead of using my usual GOSH or Urban Decay liner I used this Glitter Me Up! One by MeMeMe. The brand doesn’t seem to be particularly popular but ever since it was launched in my local Superdrug I’ve come across some real gems. I adore liquid liners and have a pretty wide selection of colours so didn’t really need to pick these up but the cute packaging won me over and I couldn’t resist. Each liner comes with a solid colour end and a glitter end; you can wear them separately or apply the glitter over the block colour for a slightly more eye catching look

The green and gold tones are my favourite because the colour is so pigmented… I have far better blues and silvers from other brands so kinda regret buying these 2

The formula is pretty dense so it only takes one smooth stroke to apply a nice even layer of colour. And the application is easy cos the brush is the perfect shape and density – it’s great for a thin barely-there line and equally good for an over-the-top-impossible-to-miss line


The Peach said...

These all look great! Love the gold one!

Beauty Fiend said...

The silver one is gorgeous

Unknown said...

The gold one looks really pretty!