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Tuesday 28 February 2012

Mally blush. Horrid in the pan but rather lovely on

Mally Face Defender blush in Pink Perfection
This is one of those deceptively bright colours that I’d completely avoid if I spotted it in a store in real life (as opposed to my fake internet life) The blush came in a collection that I bought from QVC and I figured it would be waaay to orange for anyone to consider actually using it. I mean it looks like something you’d get in a little girls makeup play set or something

So the thing that surprised me about this powder is that it looks completely natural when it’s applied and goes on super even without sinking into my pores and making them look like big old moon craters (yeah, I’m thinking of you stupid pink Sue Moxley blush!)

I’m guessing the smooth application has something to do with the texture because this almost feels rubbery to the touch and ensures the powder brush doesn’t pick up too much product with each swirl so you can gradually go from a very light natural look to a really bright cartoon doll style heavy look (if that’s your thing)
It’s more expensive than I normally pay for a blush – I think a tenner is generally enough to get a great quality one. But this mally one is so nice I’d happily fork out more than my usual amount to replace it. And by more than my usual amount I actually mean twice as much cos this costs £20.25 on the QVC website *le gasp!* I kinda miss the old days when I would happily use rubbish blushes that only cost 2 or 3 quid each!

Other stuff

Size – 6g
Shades available – Pink Perfection. Seriously, they only do one shade!
Bonus – nice sleek simple packaging that comes with a mirror
Can be purchased from - QVC


Savannah said...

It's so pretty! I'm completely with you, a $5 blush is no longer as appealing as a $28 one is!

The Peach said...

I'm getting ready to order a Mally set off QVC. I'm wondering if that is the blush in the set I've been eyeing... Thanks for the swatches and your thoughts!

All Made Up said...

Savannah I'm glad I'm not the only one! When you think back to being a young teenager when you could get a whole load of makeup for what you'd spend on a single blush these days!

The Peach I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Mally set. I'm always keen to hear what other bloggers think before I splsh out on stuff online :)