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Friday 2 December 2011

double boob and back bulge? Me too :(

Genie Bra

If there’s one good thing I could say about double boobs and back bulge it’s that they’re the most indiscriminating problems I’ve come across… Its something that seems to affect every girl at some point regardless of her age, size or body shape - HURRAH!! Always feels good to know I'm not the only one :)

It’s not something I really noticed until recently when I was in the lift at work and caught a glimpse of my back in the mirror. It was not a pretty sight. So I mentioned it to a friend of mine who confessed that she worries more about her udders than her back bulge. Udders?! And I thought the term double boob was offensive enough!!
The awesome news is that there is a solution to the age-old how-can-I-halve-the-number-of-boobs-you-can-see-in-this-top quandary and it’s called (rather aptly) a Genie Bra. First things first; this is not gonna make it into the sexy/pretty/gorgeously flattering section of your underwear drawer cos it’s the equivalent of big hold-everything-in pants. On the plus side this is the most perfect every day bra you could imagine. And here’s why…

It’s so comfortable I’d happily sleep in it. It’s stretchy enough that it gives great support but doesn’t squash everything into an unnatural shape

The material is incredibly soft and smooth so I never find myself shifting or adjusting to get everything sitting more comfortably

There are no wires or hooks, which means I can wear a really tight smooth top over this without worrying that it’ll leave lumps, bumps or bulges

The sizing couldn’t be more simple cos you go by your dress size. It’s not that I don’t enjoy standing in front of a mirror whilst a stranger wraps a tape measure around me but going for a bra-fitting is never gonna be my favourite way to spend an afternoon so a self-sizing bra is right up my street :)

I know this isn't the kinda thing I normally blog about but with Christmas party season fast approaching I thought it was worth mentioning - I reckon nothing makes an outfit look better than the right underwear!

Summary :

Cost - £39.95 for 3
Colours - black, white and nude
Sizes available - 8-22 (S - 4XL in Genie sizing)
Worth buying? - Most definitely. I wont be buying a regular t-shirt bra anytime soon!


Dee said...

I've seen those on the shopping channel and I'm curious but I don't know how supportive they are - do they hold everything up as well as feel comfortable? I bought a 'comfortable' bra a few years ago, and it was definitely comfy, but there was no support at all - if I'd kept wearing it I'd have eventually been tucking my boobs into my socks.

All Made Up said...

lol, what a lovely image :) I've found it gives great support - the band at the base is tight enough to keep everything up.

Though I'm only a C cup so don't know how well it'll hold when it gets to bigger cup sizes... I've read reviews online and a girl who normally wears a G cup found it comfy even though it was smaller than her usual dress size (she's a 22-24) which has gotta be a good sign!

Dee said...

I'm a D-DD depending on the bra style. I've been getting a lot of back and shoulder pain lately and I think half of it is to do with needing some good new bras.

Thanks for the review, Joy - I shall look into these further! :-)

Makeup hair and glitz said...

M&s have versions of these I wear them all the time over my bra !! They hole in the bulges n stops the boobies bouncing around n hitting me in the eye !!! There €16 for 2 x x