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Monday 14 November 2011

Soap & Glory does makeup

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer in Light
Phew! So glad to see the back of today. I think it’s about time we just banned Mondays. Well, Mondays at work anyway :)

Ever since trying Clean on Me a few years back I’ve been a massive fan of all things Soap & Glory so I can’t even tell you how excited I was to see the new cosmetics range! I’ve been trying the various products over the last few weeks and haven’t been disappointed. One thing I really really like is the concealer…

This little pot of awesome is the best makeup purchase I’ve made for a while. The name and package meant I just had to have it; like all Soap & Glory products it looks so good I’d happily buy this for display purposes only :)
The black plastic pot comes in two little tiers, the top one houses a pressed translucent powder and a tiny velvet sponge which is used for setting the cream product. As a general rule I don’t bother using a specific setting powder for my concealer but I like that the option is available!
The bottom tier holds a mirror and 2 different shades of cream concealer, one for the under eye area and one for the rest of the face. The product looks deceptively firm in the pan but the texture of these is absolutely scrummy… almost mousse-like and luxuriously creamy so they blend brilliantly and leave a smooth finish that looks very natural
Unfortunately there are only two shades available; light and medium. Luckily the light version suits my skin tone perfectly but I reckon loads of people will have to miss out on this cos the appropriate shades just aren’t available

As to whether or not this is good value... I’ve found myself comparing it to Benefits Erase Paste, mostly cos the under eye section of this has that same slightly salmon-pink tint to it. There over 4.4 grams of actual concealer in the Kick Ass compact which is how much you get in a tub of Erase paste. When you consider that Kick Ass includes a setting powder and costs £9.50 less I reckon this will be my go-to concealer in future


Anonymous said...

I keep hearing good things about this one! Sounds great

my make up said...

Thnx for rewiews - interesting