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Sunday, 13 November 2011

A new mascara that I actually like

Scandaleyes by Rimmel
Good evening all! Hope you’ve had a nice weekend. Mine was seriously uneventful and involved a couple of great films (A fist full of dollars and Bridesmaids) and a couple of rubbish ones (13 Ghosts and Alyce) I’d intended to do a little makeup shopping but just didn’t get round to it :(

Aaanyway, a few weeks back I treated myself to some new mascaras and I’ve since noticed that Scandaleyes has been advertised everywhere so figured I may as well review it cos I’ve been using it every day since I picked it up

There are about a million and one things I hate about this mascara, from the packaging to the ridiculously over-sized brush and even the wet formula but it (somehow!) still manages to work

I’m never gonna be won over by these chunky, brightly coloured tube designs – damn you falsies for starting the trend! – but I’m always on the lookout for newer, more awesome mascaras so am happy to overlook the hideousness of the packaging for a half decent product

When I first opened this mascara I could hardly believe how much formula had managed to gather and goop all around the tip of the wand (see pic below!) it kinda seems like a waste of product cos I have to wipe it off on a tissue every single time I pull the wand out of the tube!… And talking of the formula… It’s way wetter than I’d prefer but not so much that it clumps my lashes together so I can definitely ensure each lash is coated in colour without worrying that I’ll end up looking spidery-leggy
Is it just me or do mascara wands seem to be getting bigger and bigger? If the trend continues like this I reckon we’ll be able to use the wands as hairbrushes by the year 2016 or so. I’m not totally against big brushes or anything, I just find they’re generally hard to work with and have a tendency to do a great job on my middle lashes but the ones on the inner and outer corners are left looking a bit sparse and pathetic. What I like about this brush is that I can use it to brush my lashes again and again and no matter how often I do it they still don’t clump, which means that I can actually define each and every lash from root to tip without going over them with a little comb. Although with a brush this big I never bother using it on my lower lashes… I have to be so careful that it ends up feeling too much like hard work :)

Oh and if you’re anything like me and find wet formulas a total nightmare to work with I’d definitely recommend opening this and giving it a little time to dry out slightly as it makes it a hundred times easier to use!

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Joann said...

This was a nice review of the product. So funny! I agree if these mascara wands get any bigger, we'll start to have hair and household uses for them lol. I think the bigger packaging gives the illusion you're getting more product, but your probably really not :(