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Friday, 25 November 2011

Sexy Mother Pucker XL - best plumping gloss ever

Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme-Plump Gloss
Hi all, long time no post, eh? :) Things have been a bit manic recently so I haven’t had much time to blog…

Of course that hasn’t stopped me making mental notes on all the stuff I’ve been using over the last few weeks so this weekend might turn into a bit of a reviewathon! I figured I’d start with Extreme-Plump; one of the Sexy Mother Pucker glosses by Soap & Glory

I’m totally loving the new S&G cosmetics range and picked this up as soon as it was stocked in my local Boots… even though that was only got it a few weeks ago I'm down to the last few mls at the bottom of the tube. Not cos it's a particularly small tube but because I cant stop using it!

My lips are really thin and when I use this gloss I don't actually see any difference whatsoever. Now you might think that'd be enough reason for throw a bit of a strop and toss it aside, vowing never to buy it again, but nope, the sensation it creates is awesome enough for me to keep using it. It's not that cooling-tingly-menthol feeling that comes with most lip-plumping products, in this case it's more of a warming pins n needles feeling… kinda like the warmth you get from sucking on clove rocks or cinnamon swirls

The first time I felt this start to work (takes about 30 seconds or so after application) I figured my lips must be twice their normal size so couldn't wait to have a look in the mirror but they hadn't changed a bit! A little disappointing but the sleek clear gloss is actually extremely pretty so I'm more than happy to apply this on its own or over a darker lipstick

The tingling sensation is really, really intense…more so than any other lip plumping product I've ever tried, which means that although this might not make my lips look fuller they certainly feel fuller, making it well worth splashing out on!


Colours available - Clear only
Cost - £10
Size - 10mls
Does it work? - Doesn't do exactly what is says on the tin
Will I repurchase? - Oh hell yeah :)


Celeste said...

It smells ROTTEN though

Watkinsvvsj said...

It smells ROTTEN though