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Tuesday 12 July 2011

High-end foundation dupes - Chanels Vitalumiere

Hurrah for good skin days! I got up this morning and was well pleased when I saw how well-behaved my skin was being… So well-behaved, in fact, that I didn’t bother with a concealer and used my Instant Radiance foundation by No7. This is saved for days when I have very few blemishes and don’t need full coverage…

…Which is one of the many reasons I find it extremely similar to Chanels Vitalumiere. They are both great for adding a glowing dewy finish to the skin but I’d definitely not recommend them if you’re skin is really oily; the texture and “non-setting” quality means that these leave my t-zone looking like an oil slick on occasion so I am generally pretty careful about when I use them
High-end : Chanel Vitalumiere
Price : £33.00
Shade : 20 Clair - Cameo
Drugstore : No7 Insant Radiance
Price : £12.50
Shade : 03 Porcelain

On the No7 packaging the foundation is described as a radiant boost for tired, stressed skin and the Chanel package says anti-fatigue, smoothing satin finish foundation and I think these descriptions are pretty much interchangeable for the products

The texture, finish, coverage, durability, SPF and lasting time (not particularly long – generally about 6 hours) is the same for each. The main difference for me is the smell, mostly because I really dislike the Chanel foundation scents and find them far too strong and unpleasant. Though not enough to stop using them of course! The smell of the Instant Radiance isn’t anything to write home about but it’s fairly subtle and I can’t imagine it’d be off-putting for many people

Keeping my fingers crossed for another good skin today tomorrow cos I have a few sheer coverage foundations I’m eager to try!


D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) said...

Holy crap! Are those all of your foundations?!

♥Bunny♥ said...

I'm fascinated by the amount of foundation that you have!! that is alot!! XD

Stacey said...

That's alot of foundation! I just picked up Vitalumiere at Duty Free, I love it x

Heather Elyse said...

i wish i had that many different foundations to try out!

Anonymous said...

I had a sample of Vitalumiere and I know what you mean by 'oil slick'. It looked beautiful for about two hours and then after that, a nightmare!

All Made Up said...

lol, they do say you can never have too much of a good thing... Or something like that :)

The makup-fairy I have loads of foundations like that; I can wear them one day and they look great but when my skin is oily I just have to steer clear of them! I'm sure you're glad you didn't buy a whole bottle only to find out you didn't like it! ♥