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Sunday 29 May 2011

My most frequenty used blush

For me there are some products that are reliable fail safe options that I can always depend on… If I’m heading out somewhere nice I try to avoid using a product for the first time cos there’s a chance it’ll look horrible and I’ll have to start my makup from scratch. So if I need a nice, simple, easy-to-apply blush then I know I can use Petal by No7

This is one of those blushes that looks ridiculously pink in the palette so under normal circumstances I’d have avoided it at all costs… But I happened to be shopping when No7 had a 3 for 2 offer so I figured that I may as well give the blush a go; not like I’d be losing out on any hard earned pennies if it was rubbish or anything :)
Since then I’ve gone through a handful of these and I carry one in my handbag in case of emergency. If I’m honest I haven’t yet come across an I-need-a-gorgeous-pink-blush emergency before but there’s always a first time. Better safe than sorry I say

The powder is incredibly fine so it’s easy to use this for a really natural every day look but by the same token it can be built up to look a tad darker and more defining without ending up cakey. As you can tell by the pics these have had a lot of use but I still think they look as great now as when I bought them ♥


Yu said...

Aww that is so nice :D I've never finished a blush before, but my favourite has been NARS Orgasm - it's definitely one of those go-to blushers for me :)

nicoletta said...

I've swatched thisbefore in boots it looks a lovely colour. xx

Dyna said...

that looks gorgeous :) No wonder why you used it up :))

Tracy D said...

Such a beautiful, versatile it!

Kattatonic said...

Wow, you must reallly love that blush

Ginger Blond Coquine said...

When I saw the picture of the two blusher's closed packaging, it looked like eyes. LOL

The color of the blush looks super cute! I wonder if I can find No 7 in Canada.. hmmm :)

Anonymous said... really hit pan on those!
You know..I never ever tried any N7 blushes.
I have to!

Joy said...

Yu I love the NARS blushes, they’re always so reliable!

Nicoletta it’s funny you should mention that cos I was having a nosy at the No7 counter in boots recently (the GWP caught my eye) and I was as impressed by this blush as the first time I tried it so shall be treating myself to a new one :)

Ginger Coquine I never even noticed that! I should’ve included a lipgloss as a mouth… Apparently lots of the big stores in America are starting to sell No7 goodies so hopefully Canada will be next

Mercedes I cant recommend them highly enough, I find it reassuring just knowing that I have them in my collection cos they are definitely easy go-to shades ♥