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Sunday 29 May 2011

Simple deep cleansing face mask

This has to be one of the most gentle face masks I've ever used. Even when my skin is being annoyingly dry and sensitive I can slather this all over my face without worrying that it'll just irritate me more.

Coming from the Simple range it isn't perfumed and contains vitamins a and e. I know precisely nothing about what vitamins do for my skin except that they’re apparently really beneficial, which is good enough for me
The texture is rather odd because although it's creamy at first it becomes quite watery and extremely easily absorbed. I generally plaster this really thickly over my face before tackling a mountain of ironing and by the time I'm done (an hour or so later) theres about a 10th of the amount, which I just wash off with warm water. I always feel really fresh, clean and smooth after I’ve used this and my favourite thing is that it doesn’t dry out my skin like a lot of other masks that are advertised as “deep cleansing”

According to the instructions you only have to keep this on for 3 minutes so this would be dead handy if I wanted a quick skin boost but didn’t have time to leave a mask on for 10 or 15 mins


nicoletta said...

Ive not tried this, i wouldnt dare leave a mask on for an hr in case i reacted to it or something lol. Besides my ironing takes about 3 hrs :)
Sounds lovely though xx

Unknown said...

I love this sort of mask and i've been considering this one for a week or two.
You've convinced me to buy it :)

Joy said...

Nicoletta I don’t blame you! I had a pretty bad reaction to a warming Clinique mask and it took ages for my skin to go back to normal. 3 hours of ironing?! I hate when I have that much… even watching back to back episodes of come dine with me isn’t enough to make it enjoyable! :)

Louweevil I hope it works as well for you as it has for me! I’ve recently got my sister to start using it and she’s been well impressed xx