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Monday, 25 April 2011

NOTD - ORLY It's up to blue

I bought this about a week ago as Boots have a 3 for 2 offer at the min so I was able to get 3 little bottles of ORLY polish for a tenner (normally £5 each)

At only 5.3mls the bottles are teensy but if you like to have a massive variety of different shades that don’t cost an arm and a leg these are perfect
The brushes are good quality and make the application easy but I found that after 2 coats the product wasn’t as opaque as I’d have liked. The staying power is pretty good; in the pics I’ve been wearing this for 5 days and have been picking mussels at the beach and assembling flat pack furniture in that time (neither of which are great for keeping my polish chip free!)


Audrey♥ said...

I didn't know they sold Orly in Boots? This colour is so cute x

The Preppy Student said...

Ive never heard of Boots. I do love this color on you! Orly is one of my favorite polish brands!

All Made Up said...

Audrey♥ it's brand new to Boots! They only started selling it in my local store a couple of weeks ago… all the shades are on the website so I’ve already spent ages choosing new colours to add to my shopping list :)

Toesthattwinkle! I think Boots stores are only in the UK but I know some of their own brand products are sold in stores like Target now n then. I’d never tried ORLY before but now that I have the option I reckon I’ll be building up quite a collection of colours ♥

Anonymous said...

oh my! such a gorgeous shade! this is the best nail paint shade ever!!!!! drooling! :P :P

Unknown said...

i've seen so many post regarding teal/blue shaded nail polishes lately! I think these shades looks really good for summer. Gonna try this out soon! :D

All Made Up said...

I'm exactly the same! When it comes to this kinda colour I think it's so lovely I cant help glancing at my nails throughout the day...really liking the little ORLY polishes so far :)