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Thursday 7 April 2011

Hydra Intense mask by Lancome

Know what kinda gets on my nerves? Well loads of things actually, but one thing in particular is when you follow the instructions on a packet to the letter but it doesn't do what it's s'posed to!

I really like this mask but every time I use it I worry that it's not able to work its magic cos it doesn't work as it's described on the tube. According to the instructions a thick layer of this should be applied to the face and then wiped off after 5 minutes. The problem I have is that I can't actually wipe it off as the tissues (which it advises to use!) get stuck all over my face and just dont manage to get rid of the residue I've also tried using cotton balls and cotton pads but they all leave little bits of cotton behind and a lot of the mask is left on my skin. I figured a muslin cloth might work well but even though it takes most of the product off I'm left looking unbelievably greasy - greasy enough where curious small children would be likely to point, stare and ask their mum "whys that woman so shiny?" - so I always end up resorting to washing my face with warm water

The end result is still great - my skin feels hydrated and really smooth which is exactly what I'm after but when I pay £32 for a face mask I just like to know that it's living up to its full potential :)


S said...

£32 quid?! Wow that's a lot of dollar for a face mask. I'd be expecting someone to put it on and take it off for me if I paid that!
Hope you find a way to make it work for you - and soon! :D

Stacey x

Melly said...

Have you tried using this as massaging mask? That you keep massaging til it's sunk? I don't know would it work as I don't own this, but worth trying?

Phoebe said...

I have similar masks, and its really the same to wash it off! I think they just want you to thing that you aren't "washing it off" or something- I think its just a marketing thingy! xxxx

All Made Up said...

Melly that’s not a bad idea! In theory it’s actually the perfect texture to massage in so definitely worth a shot… if anything I reckon that’d be better for my skin in the long run :)