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Monday 4 April 2011

Lancome Hypose mascara

If I had to describe this mascara in one sentence? Not bad but not worth the money

As you've probably noticed from previous posts I'm a massive fan of Lancome goodies; it's one of my favourite high-end brands and I enjoy using everything from their skin care to their foundation and lip glosses (I reckon Juicy Tubes are easily one of the best glosses ever invented!) And there are very few products from the line that have left me disappointed
Unfortunately the Hypnose mascara is one of the few…

There isn't any one particular thing that I really disliked about this, rather there are lots of little things that are just a bit meh. Firstly the brush; I generally like this sort of traditional spiral style wand and figured it would be fantastic for grabbing and coating each individual lash but it was just ok – nothing to write home about

The formula itself is extremely dark which is always a good thing but it's too wet so my lashes tend to clump together and look spidery when I'm using it. My biggest complaint about most mascaras is a formula that’s too wet so I'm used to buying a new mascara, using it, then leaving it for up to a month to dry out slightly. Or sometimes I'll open the tube, leave the wand sitting out on my dresser for a few minutes whilst I do the rest of my makeup then apply the mascara once it's dried slightly...Even after that I still wasn't keen on the actual formula
The longevity is one of the great things about this product. I can apply it first thing in the morning without worrying a about flaking or smudging by the end of the day

Although this is far from the worst mascara I've ever used I just can't see me spending £20.50 on it when there are so many better, cheaper alternatives available at the drugstore :)


Miss Jones said...

hear hear! exactly! Loreal lash architects is far better xx

S said...

I hear you! I find a lot of high end mascaras like this, it just doesn't seem like their forte!

Stina said...

I liked this a lot and would re-buy, but not for the price. If it had cost £10 then I would have!

Tracy D said...

I completely agree, I had to wipe most of the product off before I could even use it. It was just not for me!

Red Lip Gloss said...

I am really glad you reviewed this product because I've actually never tried it myself. I love Lancome's Defincils Mascara and wear it religiously because it's one product that's definitely worth the money.

If you can, try the Defincils. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts..


Stacey said...

I've never tried any Lancome products but have heard amazing things about this mascara, I just begrudge paying that much for it, especially when Max Factor do it so much better for cheaper! x

All Made Up said...

Stina I couldn’t agree more – £10 seems perfectly reasonable. In this case I can’t help thinking the extra tenner is just for the name on the tube!

Christina you’ve just given me the perfect excuse to try a new mascara. Much appreciated ;)

♥ Stacey's Beauty Blog ♥ I’m a massive fan of the Max Factor mascaras! I constantly have a tube of false lash effects on the go cos it’s always a really safe option ♥