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Sunday 17 April 2011

Cheap n easy - Collection 2000 blush

Good morning all! Well as good as a Monday morning can be anyways. I’m off work tomorrow (WOOOOOO!!) so I can’t help being a wee bit cheerier than normal :)

I must have 50 pale pink blushes that are almost identical in colour so last time I was in Boots I figured I'd opt for a pretty peach shade instead. And the important thing was that I'd actually wear it instead of just chucking it in a drawer when I got home and forgetting all about it until my next makeup clearout, at which point I'd probably just give it to Sarah (my kid sister)

I'm always a little smug when I come across a seriously inexpensive product that works superbly well so I adore this blush. The pigmentation is absolutely fantastic and I barely need to touch my brush to the powder to get a beautiful rich layer of colour. Collection 2000 in Bashful (02) Ignore the big indents! I'm literally just our of bed and have the marks to prove it :)

Oh and the best thing has got to be how natural it looks! I always want to look like I've just gone for a nice long walk and have ended up slightly flushed and fresh looking so I was very impressed by the subtle glow it gives.

And thanks to the shade I've found it perfect for contouring… unfortunately I don't really have cheek bones - no matter how much I weigh and how skinny the rest of my body is I have a round face so I have to rely on decent blushes to make my face look a wee bit more defined. Though I try I think of this as excuse to buy more yummy makeup products

One thing I'd say about this blush it that it's really easy to be a bit heavy handed and end up with that attractive finish that seems to be a cross between a clown and a kids doll. Definitely better to go for a very light layer and build up slowly just in case ♥


Madlen said...

it looks great:D.i began to love blushes lately:P

Phoebe said...

ooo I really need to build my blush collection! xxx

Sophie Jenner said...

hey great review i think i have this blush shade if not its the one a bit pinker but they are great , ive read a couple of bad reviews on them slating them for being not blend-able but just dont be so heavy handed haha x think we've both sussed the light layer and build up slowly lol :) x gives you such a nice finish and looks great when it catches the sun aswell :) x
sophie-lou x

Terri said...

I had this exact one and it shattered :(


All Made Up said...

Sophie-Lou-J I couldn’t agree more :) I reckon all makeup works slightly differently so sometimes you just have to apply it a little differently from your usual stuff! Been wearing this LOADS recently and love it as much as ever!

Terri that really sucks, there’s nothing more annoying! I ordered some makeup online a few months back and all the eyeshadows had cracked in the containers… it was a real eyeshadow massacre and I wasn’t best pleased cos I’d spent a small fortune :(