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Thursday 13 January 2011

MAC studio fix fluid

I’m more than a little obsessed with foundations and I’ve heard loads of great things about this one so figured I definitely had to get my hands on it. Unfortunately it isn’t quite what I expected but it’s still far from awful…


Comes in a massive selection of shades and I managed to get one to suit my pale skin (NC15)

Doesn’t dry or “set” too quickly so I have plenty of time to work with it during application

Gives fairly good coverage; enough to hide my dark circles after a late night

Only takes a small amount to cover the entire face so should last a long time

Lasts all day without fading too much or sinking into my pores


The bottle. I hate screw tops because I find the pump bottles are easier, less messy and more hygienic

Gives a matte finish that looks a bit too stark and 2-dimensional, not very luminous or natural

Caused little bumps under my skin around my forehead (the one place I never get spots!)

I asked the MAC sales person for the fullest coverage foundation and he recommended this. I’d say the coverage is most definitely medium

Left my skin quite dry so I had to start using a richer moisturiser before sleepy sleeps

I know plenty of people who adore this foundation and absolutely swear by it. Some wouldn’t even consider trying anything else!… Unfortunately it didn’t grab me in quite the same way but it’s still an ok product that gives ok coverage and generally does a fairly ok job. So overall I reckon it’s ok :)


Stina said...

I'm with you here Joy, I used this many moons ago, and found it average.
HATED the screw lid and having to pour the foundation out- what is that about? Give me a pump please?!

And it also gave me bumps under the skin, which is why I never bought it again- yikes.

Anyway, not that I'd reccomend Mac Studio sculpt foundation, but that has more coverage, so not sure why he didn't give you that?

But it is so heavy it's like wearing a mask!

Leticia said...

You can buy a pump for it (that's what I did). I have to use olive oil to make sure I get all of this off of my face or I get breakouts, but that is true for me for any foundation (I follow up with my regular face cleanser).

I also feel it is a medium coverage. I recenlty tried their Prolongwear foundation, and it was like the clouds separated, the sun came out, and angels began singing lol. I love it! I got a sample and am going back for a full bottle on payday.

Pepper said...

I'm looking for MAC foundation that suits oily acne prone skin, but review after review, I conclude that MAC foundation product tends to be notorious for daily use.

Leah said...

I've heard alot of bad things about this foundation too!

Celeste said...

the pro foundation i really wanted to try out, but it doesn't come in NW15........which i personally think is a disgrace!!

i did use the studio sculpt for a bit (2 tubes) and i did like it! (however if you put alot on it takes ages to dry!)

Im currently using like 3 or 4 different foundations.....
chanel vitellumiere
Revlon Photo ready
Make up forevers HD
and i have one called Crème Perfection
New Mineral Makeup from Faces (im disappointed with the lack of product, or maybe i just use too much haha)

AmericanMakeup said...

Great Review! I like paint a clear understanding in my head for me. :)

Unknown said...

This foundation has never worked for me, i'm NW15 but i just never liked it. My sister however ADORES it!!

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Straight Up Glam said...

I used to like this foundation, but after being introduced to higher end foundations, I don't ever want to go back to this one!

I actually tried it when I ran out of my Chanel one, as I still had some of the Studio Fix left over, and after a few days, it wreaked havoc on my skin! Into the trash it went!

Andrée xx

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Rhenicia said...

they sell the pump for this for about 6 bucks!


manths said...

wow it seems no one likes this foundation!! haha. I personally have never used anything MAC because I can't afford to - I know there is make-up a lot more expensive but MAC is definitely too expensive for me! I'm also very sceptical of MAC foundation mainly because every photo I've seen of the bottles and on peoples faces - it looks really yellow! Correct me if I'm wrong because I have never used it but they all seem to have very yellowy undertones - could just be everyone's camera lighting though?
Sam xx

Unknown said...

This foundation has never really appealed to me, and to be honest after your review I don't think I'll bother with it! Great post :)


Marie a la Mode said...

I switch between Studio Fix and Revlon's Colorstay foundation, which I think is a bit better.

Marisa said...

Have you tried the pro longwear? everyone says it's flawless (: I have the studio sculpt and it sucks as well :S

Melanie Busby said...

I bought the Studio Fix Fluid after hearing great things, but I didn't really like it once I tried it - I should have got the sample!

Kisses, Melanie

All Made Up said...

Cheeky Beauty isn’t it strange how something as simple as the bottle design can be enough to put you off a product? I reckon we’re spoilt these days cos if I come across a new foundation that looks terrific I’ll still hesitate before buying it if it doesn’t have a pump dispenser. Also, I’m a total noob when it comes to all things MAC so had no idea about the Mac Studio sculpt foundation till I’d read reviews on it (after buying studio fix) :(

Cosmetics Aficionado nice tips on the pump and olive oil! My sis used to use baby oil to remove her makeup but it’s never really occurred to me. Your description of Pro longwear makes me think I definitely need to get a bottle asap.

Cel I’m like you in that I use quite a variation on foundations, the one I choose on any given day generally depends on how my skin is behaving as it can go from dry to oily in a couple of days!

Straight Up Glam after reading your comment I went back to my Chanel Pro as I haven’t used it much recently and it’s as good as I remember! My skin has thanked me for it too :)

Manths I’ve never noticed the yellow undertones thing before but now that you’ve mentioned it I’m going to be looking out for this in every single MAC pic I come across :p Personally I find a lot of their stuff completely overrated so I can understand why you don’t splash out on it

Marie a la Mode I adore Colorstay too – it’s a firm favourite and although I hate the bottle I happily suffer through that part cos the product itself is so fab ♥

Marisa I haven’t tried the pro longwear but it’s next on my list of things to buy (once I’ve lifted my spending ban of course!) as you’re the second person to recommend it here! Kinda wish the sales assistant had suggested that instead because I’ve read far better reviews since picking up studio fix :)