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Friday 14 January 2011

MAC Sheertone blush. Uber letdown

Happy Friday everyone! I don’t have my usual Friday feeling but I’m sure that’s just cos I’m working tomorrow (BOOO!!) but I finish at 4pm so still have the whole evening free (HURRAH!!)

Apologies for being a big old Negative Nelly but when I come across a product that I really don’t like I feel the need to rant a teensy bit :)

I picked up this blush about a month ago and it’s been sitting in my drawer gathering dust… I couldn’t remember why it had been cast aside so figured I’d give it a try during the week

See how it looks incredibly bright and pigmented? Like it’ll give a gloriously pretty pink glow to the cheeks? Unfortunately it does nothing of the sort. I’m sure you’ve noticed that MAC do different blush formulas for different looks (sheertone, satin, sheertone shimmer, frost etc) The shade I have is “Sheertone” so I’d be happy to forgive this being a tad more subtle than most of my blushes but it’s so bloody subtle that there isn’t any colour!
Pink Swoon (sheertone)

Honestly you could apply 10 layers of this and it still wouldn’t be particularly noticeable (I know from experience!) which is a shame because the texture is beautiful; so soft and smooth, one of those extremely finely milled pressed powders that generally apply like a dream

What really gets on my nerves is that I paid £17 which is enough to purchase 17 of my current favourite blushes (MUA shade 1) and they would actually do what you expect from a blush. I’m sure you can probably guess that I wont be recommending this MAC blush to anyone!

Hope you have a totally fantastic weekend! ♥


The Preppy Student said...

Im sorry that this was a bust!

Stina said...

That's odd cos I have that and umhave yaws it loads and it's fine & noticable..
Maybe you got a dud?

liquoredonlacquer said...

too bad it looks so pretty! are you very fair? maybe it'd work on someone with very fair skin :)

Stina said...

Say whaaaat?
Was meant to say "and have used it loads" - damn you auto not very correct!

-AnGiEpInK- said...

Oh my..Sorry to hear that hun..I did own this same blush as you but mine is OK.. It did fine and noticeable.. I'm happy with mine.. ^_^..

In Palace said...


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I have pink swoon and love it...mine comes off really weird. maybe you got a dud?

Khara said...

I love Pink Swoon it works out for me..

Straight Up Glam said...

I agree, you probably got a dud. I have it and I use it a lot, because it's such a pretty color and actually shows up really well. It's still sheer, but definitely noticeable. I'd probably look like a clown with 10 coats on!

I'm thinking yours is unfortunately most likely a dud, because I heard it's the blush that Kim Kardashian also uses, and she's got a bit darker skin tone and it always shows up on her... Hmm.

Either way, that's really unfortunate! =( Maybe you can try to bring it back?

Andrée xx

Merel said...

Ugh that's so stupid...the colour looks superpretty though, such a shame:(

*Zoe* said...

I hate getting a disappointing product I had high hopes for :o( It feels like a such a let down. The colour looks so pretty in the pan.
Zoe X
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Marisa said...

I hate having a bad product experience after I paid so much for it... it's called sheertone but if it's a blush it should give you some color :S

Anonymous said...

The blush looks so beautiful inside the pot! Too bad it didn't work like you thought it would. If only it worked... :(

Stacey said...

Oh what a shame! It looks like such a beautiful colour too. Well Dressed is supposed to be nice too x

Anonymous said...

This blush looks so pretty in the pot! If you're not happy with it, you know you can totally take it back to MAC for a refund or exchange?

You have to take it to a MAC store not a concession because concesssions have their own rules of exchange and refunds. You can call MAC's customer services to double check.


All Made Up said...

Cheeky Beauty I think you could be right because I’ve actually heard loads of great things about this. Maybe my expectations are just too high these days! lol @ your typing which is oh so similar to mine! :p

Liquoredonlacquer I have the palest skin ever – Ironically I was actually concerned that the blush could look way to pink on me

Straight Up Glam kims skin is waaaay darker than mine so if it shows up on her then I’d expect it to be seriously obvious on me. Rather disappointing… I actually had the same problem with a MAC blush I got about a year ago :(

Mercee I know I should take it back but I’m such a wuss I hate the thought of explaining to a sales assistant that it “just doesn’t seem to be working” or whatever. I’m typically British when it comes to that kinda thing which is also why I’d never barter to get the price of something reduced! ♥