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Monday 10 January 2011

Cellnique Paramedical skin care range

Awesome news!! I was recently contacted by a company called Cellnique. It would seem that someone at the company had stumbled across my blog and (possibly due to my constant whining and complaining!) offered to send me some skin care products to review. Woo! *happy dance*

After sending the girl details of my rather problematic skin I received a lovely collection of goodies designed specifically for my skin concerns; mostly gross spots that hang around my chin – a bit like teenagers in hoodies hanging around street corners texting and generally being a tad annoying - and simply wont go away
skin purifying cleanser
I also have some scarring from where the spots have been particularly bad or, ahem, “accidentally” squeezed by me in the past
skin action gel plus
This is the kinda range I’ve wanted to try for ages but it’s just way out of my price-range and I couldn’t afford to splash out on it without knowing if it will actually work! (what I’ve been sent would cost aroud £105.00 to buy online) I’ll not bore you with a full list of ingredients cos you can always have a nosy at the website if you like but the lotions and potions I’ve been sent contain an array of awesometastic spot fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid, seaweed extract, burdock, witch hazel, tea tree, vitamin c, aloe vera and eucalyptus oil

I know this is quite sad but I was actually unbelievably excited about using this range and thoroughly enjoyed using the cleanser, lotion and gel before my shower. I reckon I’ll give a mask a test run tomorrow

skin purifying masque

If anyone has had to live with bad skin you’ll know what I mean when I say that if I’m speaking to someone I can find myself worrying that they’re just looking at any gross spots that happen to be plaguing me at the time, which makes me extremely self conscious . I’m not the most vain person ever and my skin could definitely be a lot worse but by the same token it could also be a lot better… Fingers crossed for the latter eh? :)

Gonna be using this range morning and night for the next while so I’ll let you know if it’s any good! ♥


Shaylee Anne said...

Lucky girl!! I hope all these work really well for you! Can't wait to see the progress! :)

Leah said...

Lucky! I never get contacted :/ Hope these work for you!

Lainy said...

That's awesome! <3

❤~ WinWin ~❤ said...

wow lucky gal.. good luck on ur new skin care product n hope it works well for u..


Tracy D said...

Good luck with your new skincare. I think that most times we all expect products to work so quickly and don't give them a fair chance, so I'll be interested to hear how you do!

Stephanie Gauthier-Bujold said...

Good for you!

I also got the Sebum Gel and Masque to review! And the Total DayTime Protection 30. I love all of them, but he mask is just ok in my opinion. I really love the Total Daytime Protection! I have oily skin, and this SPF is not greasy is just perfect! And it smells good too! Love love love this product, not looking forward when it runs out though, as it is pricey!

m0chiii said...

that's awesome ! i've heard lots of good reviews about this company but have never tried them yet..

Unknown said...

wow looks good. :) x

Anonymous said...

wow go you! these look awesome! good luck and fingers crossed they help you out :)

Rachel said...

Hey, I've nominated you for a blogger award - see it here:

Stina said...

Hey - wow, I got these products in the post today too.. I would have got them last week, lol, if they'd written my house number on the parcel..

I had forgotten completely that I had exchanged emails with the lady who contacted me to review them- exciting stuff.

It looks like great stuff, can't wait to try :) And to read what you think x

Merel said...

Sounds like some good stuff, hope it helps for you skin, let us know!
Xx Merel

AmericanMakeup said...

Great post! Let me know how it works :) Following and supporting!

Anonymous said...

Hi lovely lady you won a blog award :)

All Made Up said...

WOOOO!!! Rachel thank you very much indeed! I’m currently having an extremely dull Sunday evening and this has brightened it up no end :)

Cheeky Beauty how very odd! Judging by the reviews on the website this stuff should be awesome so I’m looking forward to seeing how we get along with them. Though judging by your FOTD pics you NEVER have any blemishes so I can’t help being a wee bit jealous :p

Darling Girl thank you so much! I really really appreciate it and I can’t believe I’ve got 2 blog awards in one comment section. Seriously someone must’ve known I need a little cheering up this evening cos this has done the trick ♥