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Saturday 11 September 2010

Eye Pencil Collection

Is there anything better than having a nosy through someone elses make up collection? Well ok, there are quite a few things, but I for one still find it really enjoyable!

I seem to have amassed quite a few pencil eye liners, kinda odd cos I mostly wear liquid liners these days.

The teeny tiny one (took a separate pic with it at the bottom) is a Lancôme kohl eye liner in black. As you can probably tell I absolutely adore this eye liner but I think it’s time I picked up a new one. You know a pencil has come to the end of it’s days when it’s too small to grip if you put it in a sharpener!

Feel free to recommend any eye liners that you can’t live without – I’d happily be tempted away from Lancôme because they’re so expensive :)


Miss War Paint (Nic) said...

I don't actually own too many pencils. It's weird because I'd say I really can't live without eyeliner but don't own so many! Not keen on lip products but have dozens! Your collection looks fab! I wouldn't mind seeing an EOTD or a swatch of that GOSH one you have there! xxxx

All Made Up said...

Maybe you've just managed to find the perfect pencils so don't feel the need to keep buying more! I'm building myself up to actual real life photos of me - not a big fan of pics of myself! :)

Lucy x said...

lol look at that teeny tiny pencil! it's so cute :D x