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Monday 15 April 2013

3 of my most used eye palettes

The only product from the Accessorize line that I've ever bought and disliked was a lipstick, every other item has totally surpassed my expectations and best of all are the eyeshadows. Whether I'm using the singles, duos, trios or palettes I'm always impressed by the quality as they're better than a lot of premium shadows that I've paid 5 times as much for!

The 3 palettes below are probably more used than any others in my collection - including the NYX, Urban Decay and Stila ones - because there's such an array of colours I can create pretty much any look without digging through and looking for other shades that'll compliment the ones in the palettes.
Lovely Day - great selection of wearable shades and you can see how each vertical column of colours is like a little mini quad of complimentary shades that would create a full eye look - very nice touch I think!
They've become a bit of an everyday essential because no matter how early I get up I always end up rushing around like a headless chicken, (I have been known to brush my teeth, put my socks on and make tea all at once) leaving less time than I actually need to do my makeup. This morning was a perfect example as I wasn't due to leave the house until 7.30am so got up at 6am and still only had about 10 minutes to throw some cosmetics at my face and hope it turned out ok. Thanks to the blendability of the shadows in the Lovely Day palette I actually looked alright and not at all like I'd applied the shades whilst on a moving train (as would be the finished result with lesser quality shadows!)
 Exposed - a mix of neural shades 1/3 matte and 2/3 satin/shimmer
I reckon this is one of the most underrated brands on the highstreet. The shadows are fantastically pigmented; when you apply the the colours they are pretty much identical to what you see in the pan, even without a primer. They blend easily and are a great consistency - not crumbly enough to disintegrate when you dip your brush into them but not dense and compacted enough to mean you have to dig a hole in them and keep going back for more to build up any colour.
You Are Everything - Full of gorgeously vibrant colours that look as good on as they do in the pan

As a huge fan of highstreet shadow palettes I'm always on the lookout for something new to try but no matter what I get my hands on I always come back to these! 

Other stuff :

Availability : Sold in superdrug stores and online
Price : £8.95 for 32 colours (I know, right?!)


Pennyblossoms said...

The colour intensity of their eyeshadows is brilliant, isn't it?
I have one of their smaller palettes that came in a gift pack with a lip gloss, which tastes lovely(!), and some eyelashes that I really fail to get to shape to fit on my eyelids. But the!
Nice to have you back BTW!
Z xx

Ashchronicles said...

I don't like eyeshadows all that much but would totally get all three of these for the packagings alone! So prettyyyy!! :DDD Nice post ^^

All Made Up said...

Pennyblossoms I got a couple of the smaller palettes at Christmas and couldnt agree more, even the smell of the glosses is totally scrummy! I'm not convinced on the falsies... The ones I got are like little clumps of lashes instead of nice separated wispy ones; kinda defeats the purpose if you ask me so I havent actually tried them on yet. Thank you! Its soo good to be back, and not just cos blogging is an excuse to buy even more makeup ;)

aisyah Chronicles it was the packaging that made me buy these! all the Accessorize stuff is covered in little butterflies n stuff so it just looks super pretty on my dressing table ♥