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Sunday 24 February 2013

Revlon does it again - Nearly Naked foundation/powder

Good evening all, hope you've had an awesome weekend :) The weather here in Belfast was ridiculously lovely today - really crisp, bright and sunny - it's got me all excited about Spring!

I've been looking forward to doing a post on the new(ish) Revlon Nearly Naked foundation because I absolutely love it!...

Initially the name put me off trying this because my skin is far from perfect so I usually opt for a medium or full coverage foundation and I figured this would be more of a tinted moisturiser but I'm happy to admit that I was completely wrong. I find the coverage to be medium and definitely not as light as I was expecting - it evens out my skin tone whilst looking totally natural and although it doesn't do a good job hiding any spots or dark circles that's what my awesome Revlon Photoready concealer is for :)

The texture is amazing because it's creamy and light as air so actually feels more like a moisturiser than a foundation. It's very similar to Healthy Mix by Bourjois which is a long-time  favourite of mine so if you like that then chances are pretty good that you'll like this

One of my main concerns about light textured foundations is that they'll wear off after a couple of hours and I'll be left with practically no coverage or, even worse,  horrible faded patches on my face! Every time I've worn this I've finished off with the Nearly Naked powder and it looks fab for about 6 hours, at which point I'll usually add another dusting of powder to my t-zone as it tends to get a bit shiny throughout the day
As for the Nearly Naked powder... It's nice but not exceptionally so. The texture is very fine and light so it's great if you want something that's buildable but still natural and non-chalky. It definitely adds a little extra coverage when dusted over the foundation and it's handy to carry around in your bag because it comes with a mirror and puff applicator. These days I think almost every drugstore brand has at least one or two great powders in their range so if you already have a powder you love I wouldn't suggest buying this just to go with the foundation because it's nothing to write home about

Hope this was helpful if you're thinking about trying this. If you've already got it let me know what you think! ♥

Other stuff : 

Size : Foundation - 30mls, powder - just over 8g
Shades available : Foundation - 16, powder - 6 
Price : Foundation - £8.99, powder - £7.99


Ellen Grace said...

Really want to try this foundation

A little bit Unique


Unknown said...

I must really try this foundation. I usualy wear colour stay and i love it


Unknown said...

aawww love this thooo that foundation breaks me out :((

mines a super new blog any chance you could check it out:)?

thankyou ever so much xxxx

Anonymous said...

I would like to try this foundation, but we don't have Revlon.