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Thursday 21 February 2013

Makeup to wear to bed...

I was getting ready for bed and decided I just had to do a little post on a product I've been really enjoying recently; Pure Transformation Night Treatment from Bare Minerals.

This is essentially makeup you wear to bed that promises to improve your skin (I know, right?!) I'd heard about it on QVC when it was first launched and couldn't help thinking it was kinda ridiculous, I mean who can't go 8 hours without makeup... when they're sleeping!?!?! But as someone who has suffered from pretty unpleasant looking acne I could see why it might be appealing

I'm not particularly vain or anything but answering the door to the postman or the Dominos delivery guy with a makeup free face is never the highlight of my day. They might not care that I have some impressively volcano like spots and pores the size of the Grand Canyon but I do and I'd much rather keep it between me, my dogs and my Rapid Action Clearasil Gel. So a skin perfecting powder that is designed to be worn over my other skincare products suddenly seems like a relatively sensible idea

Anywho, I got a little 2g sample size in a Bare Minerals collection from QVC and I figured it was worth trying. The pot comes with one of the typical sifter style dispensers and has a brush in the lid, which could  be handy but it takes up tonnes of space making the packaging super bulky and is awkward to clean. I use a normal Bare Minerals foundation brush so it really is just like applying a regular Bare Minerals foundation before sleepy time. Which feels super strange. Even after using it for almost a month I haven't got used to putting makeup on twice a day, though I could definitely get used to waking up looking fresh faced a blemish free (almost)

I know this might be hard to believe because this is a skin treatment but it actually gives better coverage than a lot of powder foundations I've tried - it feels smooth and light on the skin and gives a nice matte finish. On days where I'm not planning to apply any makeup I've found myself adding a light dusting of this over my daytime face products because it evens out my skin tone and adds a little brightness to my face without looking heavy or cakey

I can't say I've noticed a complete transformation but my skin has definitely improved; the texture is more even, my pores are less noticeable and I haven't had as many of those little skin coloured bumps that congregate around my cheeks and forehead (I'm sure they have a proper sciencey name but I haven't a clue what it is)

According to the Bare Minerals website the benefits come from the ActiveSoil Complex which seems to be the basis for most of their skincare. This isn't the most amazing product I've ever used but it's good enough to have convinced me to order a full size pot

Other stuff -

Shades available - Clear, Light, Medium and Tan
Price - £45 for 4.2g Yep, the price shocked me too, especially when I checked the price of the regular Bare Minerals foundation which is only £25 for 8g!


Unknown said...

It's well expensive! I've tried Bare Minerals stuff before which I bought for an alrightish price on a flight, and I loved it. But this sounds amazing, I also suffer from uneven skintone :( booo!

Megan P. said...

Wow, it really is above my usual price range. But it looks interesting. I guess I'll have to try it out for myself and determine whether the price is something I can overlook.