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Sunday 26 August 2012

Beautiful Barbie Blush

Revlon Photoready Cream Blush in Flushed
Good evening all! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend and have the bank holiday off work. I'm gonna spend mine doing some decorating and shopping which is always good :)

I seem to be a bit barbie-ish in my choice of makeup shades and am almost always drawn to the most ridiculously bright pretty pinks so when I spied this Revlon Photoready blush on a recent shopping trip I couldn't pass it by. I was worried it would be a bit clown-like but after a little swatcheroo I decided it was worth buying and trying properly

The colour looks more than a tad scary in the pot but it's very natural and subtle once it's been applied. It's easily blended to give a simple sheer wash of pretty, glowy pinkness as opposed to a yucky dark stripe of obvious makeup

Because the colour is so concentrated you only need the smallest dab of product for each cheek so I have no doubt that this will still be knocking around my makeup bag a year from now with barely a dent in it. The massive amount of product and the £7.99 price tag make this fantastic value... Though it's worth checking a few different stores cos it's available from Boots and Superdrug for £5.99 at the min

Of course being a cream product this doesn’t work well with powder. For my shiny skin a little setting powder is a must so I use the blush over a cream or liquid foundation and then set the whole look with some powder, which means that I really cant top up the blush throughout the day. The blush lasts well so this generally isn't a problem unless I'm out running marathons or going deep sea diving, which I do very rarely. And by rarely I mean never


Anonymous said...

Ohh I didn't know Revlon were bringing this out! I love the colorstay foundation so I think this is a must to try! The colour looks lovely, too!

Anonymous said...

I need this!! It's a gorgeous colour x